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+Summary of the Gentoo Council meeting 25 October 2015
+Roll call
+blueness, dilfridge, jlec, k_f, rich0, ulm, williamh
+1. Projects, herds, etc. [1,2,3,4]
+A lengthy discussion on the merits of deprecating herds and on how to
+precisely do that resulted. The suggestion to use GUIDs for project
+identification was dismissed as slightly impractical, even though they
+provide for a near-unlimited number of projects.
+Vote A:
+The concept of "herds" is abandoned, and the usage of the term
+deprecated. As a replacement, a package may be maintained by a
+7 yes, unanimous
+Vote B: do we want
+ a) "<project>bla</project>" or
+ b) "<maintainer><project>bla</project></maintainer>" or
+ c) "<maintainer type="project">bla</maintainer>" or
+ d) "<maintainer><email></email></maintainer>" ?
+3x a, 2x c, 2x d
+This led to a discussion on the meaning of the vote outcome, and it
+was decided to re-formulate the question into several votes.
+Vote C: New <project> tag, or add something to existing <maintainer>
+4x project and 3x maintainer
+Vote D: what goes into the <project> tag? a project shortname or an
+e-mail address?
+4x shortname, 1x e-mail, 2x abstain
+Vote E: do we want a 1:1 mapping of a new e-mail address to the
+project shortname?
+4 yes, 2 no
+Vote F: define the project shortname on the wiki project page, and
+expect that any project is *also* reachable as
+4 yes, 2 abstain
+After these decisions several council members stated that things were
+going the wrong way and that they would like to change their votes for
+earlier decisions, thereby making latter decisions obsolete. As a
+consequence, it was suggested to scrap the just-made decisions again
+and request a GLEP on the issue.
+Vote: "All votes today from B on are anulled. The council recommends
+that the details on herds to projects transition should be worked out
+in a GLEP."
+6 yes, 1 abstain
+2. Open bugs with council participation
+ "Missing summaries for 20131210,
+20140114, and 20140225 council meetings"
+Ulm stated that the 20131210 summary has been written and submitted,
+and minor corrections were suggested.
+3. Open floor
+No issues were brought up.
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