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* Convert and index some more monthsAndreas K. Hüttel2017-02-269-2/+198
* Make sure cache sorting is stableAndreas K. Hüttel2017-02-256-76/+79
* Add archive e-mail infrastructureAndreas K. Hüttel2017-02-257-38/+286
* Encapsulate document structure moreAndreas K. Hüttel2017-02-2517-67/+115
* Convert some more summariesAndreas K. Hüttel2017-02-256-9/+215
* Convert all files to automated bug summary fetchingAndreas K. Hüttel2017-02-256-34/+21
* Add logic for bug summary fetching and cachingAndreas K. Hüttel2017-02-253-1/+114
* Indexify 2015/11, minor improvementsAndreas K. Huettel2017-02-242-1/+52
* Add Dec 15, Jan 16, May 16Andreas K. Huettel2017-02-234-2/+168
* Add some macrosAndreas K. Huettel2017-02-232-9/+31
* Continue the index experimentAndreas K. Hüttel2017-02-226-114/+214
* A bit more doodlingAndreas K. Hüttel2016-04-102-5/+36
* Proof of concept for an indexAndreas K. Hüttel2016-04-102-0/+140