Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Migrate lastpass-cli to cmake.eclasshaarp2022-08-092-8/+8
* remove maintainer, change keywordhaarp2021-05-243-7/+3
* Re-add lastpass-clihaarp2021-05-244-0/+176
* Remove python2 salt, not maintainable anymorehaarp2020-06-2423-977/+0
* Add missing dependencies to Salthaarp2020-03-272-1/+3
* Update Python2-compatible salthaarp2020-03-272-8/+5
* Re-add Salt with Python 2.7 due to
* Remove lastpass-cli again as Gentoo has newer version nowhaarp2016-03-103-59/+0
* Add lastpass-cli 0.5.1 (Gentoo has 0.5) for fixed certificatehaarp2015-11-113-0/+59