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@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@ www-plugins/bookmark-dupes 6.6: Firefox webextension: remove duplicate bookmarks
www-plugins/calc-extension 5.4: Firefox webextension: calculate values of mathematical expressions
www-plugins/dark-mode 0.4.5: Firefox webextension: a global dark theme for the web
www-plugins/epubreader 2.0.13: Firefox webextension: read ebook (.epub) files
-www-plugins/form-history-control Firefox webextension: edit the saved history of forms
+www-plugins/form-history-control Firefox webextension: edit the saved history of forms
www-plugins/google-translator-for-firefox Firefox webextension: translate text or page with google translator
www-plugins/no-color 0.9.5: Firefox webextension: remove colors and background images from the page
www-plugins/noscript 11.4.29: Firefox webextension: restrict active contents like java/javascript/flash