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* Update mhng to 0.2.4Palmer Dabbelt2017-03-022-2/+3
* MHng depends on msmtp for sending mailPalmer Dabbelt2017-02-092-1/+2
* Update mhng to 0.2.0Palmer Dabbelt2017-01-082-0/+31
* Bump mhng to 0.1.6Palmer Dabbelt2016-03-242-2/+3
* mhng depends on libbase64Palmer Dabbelt2016-03-212-1/+2
* Bump mhng to 0.1.5Palmer Dabbelt2016-03-132-3/+4
* Bump mhng to 0.1.2Palmer Dabbelt2015-10-232-2/+2
* Bump mhng to 0.1.1Palmer Dabbelt2015-10-212-0/+30
* Clean up old mhng ebuildsPalmer Dabbelt2015-08-126-160/+0
* Bump mhng to 0.1.0Palmer Dabbelt2015-08-122-0/+29
* Bump mhng to 0.0.4Palmer Dabbelt2015-07-252-0/+29
* Update mail-client/mhng to 0.0.3Palmer Dabbelt2015-02-282-0/+29
* Add mail-client/mhng at 0.0.2Palmer Dabbelt2015-01-175-0/+131