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* experimental for testingDane Smith2010-08-091-1/+1
* Updated ebuild for cfsDane Smith2010-08-098-0/+284
* Small changeDane Smith2010-08-092-2/+3
* Updated ebuild for rainbowcrackDane Smith2010-08-099-0/+279
* Start work on truecrypt-7.0Dane Smith2010-07-257-0/+216
* ManifestDane Smith2010-07-251-2/+0
* Stupid. Manifest. Files.Dane Smith2010-07-251-2/+2
* Better fix for dieharder.Dane Smith2010-07-254-34/+8
* Updated manifestDane Smith2010-07-251-2/+2
* Updated ebuild for dieharder.Dane Smith2010-07-252-1/+5
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Smith2010-07-253-1/+33
| * Patch for makefile to allow job control & updated ebuild.Dane Smith2010-07-253-1/+34
* | Manifest.Dane Smith2010-07-201-2/+2
* | Changed to dieharder.Dane Smith2010-07-203-4/+7
* Cleaned up a bunch of the Changelogs and ManifestDane Smith2010-07-1917-9/+275
* New ebuild for dieharder. Bug 212674.Dane Smith2010-07-192-0/+41
* Fixed the manifest file =/Dane Smith2010-07-181-2/+3
* Fixed a tiny typo in johntheripperDane Smith2010-07-181-1/+1
* New johntheripper ebuild. Working.Dane Smith2010-07-1815-0/+598
* Intial commit for my public overlay.Dane Smith2010-07-1611-0/+243