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+GLEP: 84
+Title: Standard format for package.mask files
+Author: Arthur Zamarin <>
+Type: Standards Track
+Status: Draft
+Version: 1.0
+Created: 2023-11-01
+Last-Modified: 2023-12-02
+Post-History: 2023-10-04, 2023-10-13, 2023-11-01
+Content-Type: text/x-rst
+This GLEP specifies the format of ``package.mask`` files under profiles
+At the moment of writing this GLEP, ``package.mask`` files didn't have a full
+format specification. While PMS sections 4.4 [#PMS-4.4]_ and 5.2.8
+[#PMS-5.2.8]_ specifies the raw format which the package manager must support
+for correct behavior, it does not specify how comments must be formatted, how
+entries must be grouped, how last-rite masks should be written, etc.
+Various tools have been developed to handle that mask message. A non exhaustive
+list includes ``lr-add-pmask`` [#lr-add-pmask]_, ``pkgdev mask`` [#pkgdev-mask]_,
+and ``soko`` [#soko-mask]_. Those tools have different purposes, filing a new
+mask message with all relevant information, and showing a nice rendered mask
+message to users. Those tools are very complicated (since they need to handle
+various edge cases of existing masks, and try to prepare for future mask
+For a long time, ``profiles/package.mask`` had a special header [#CURR-MASK]_
+whose purpose was to define the mask message formatting. While it has served
+its purpose for a long time indeed, it still left a lot of wiggle room for the
+Therefore, the motivation for this GLEP is to provide unified, clear and
+complete specification for package.mask entries across the repository.
+As an opt-in GLEP for files, files which want to use this GLEP format should
+define a special header line which tools should use to know the format of the
+file. This line should appear as the first non empty line after the copyright
+header. The line should be:
+ # Uses GLEP 84 format
+This header should come instead of the current very long header [#CURR-MASK]_,
+as mentioning the GLEP is enough.
+Files can decide to add some extra file documentation, in which case, the
+entries start after the first separation line comment which begins and ends
+with at least 5 "-", matching to the regex:
+ # -{5,}.*-{5,}
+All comments before the first occurrence of this separation line comment are
+ignored, and should be considered as file documentation. Another separation
+line may appear, after which all comments are also ignored. Those separation
+lines are optional, and are not required for the file to conform to this GLEP.
+Entries Grouping
+Each mask entry consists of 2 parts: `comments block`_ and `packages list`_,
+which aren't separated by a blank line between the 2 parts. Between entries, a
+mandatory blank line must appear.
+New entries added to the file must be inserted at the beginning, after the file
+Packages List
+Must conform to PMS sections 4.4 [#PMS-4.4]_ and 5.2.8 [#PMS-5.2.8]_. This GLEP
+further limits the syntax to one item per line, without any leading or trailing
+whitespace, no comments inside the packages list. Blank lines between items are
+Comments Block
+The lines in the comment block are prefixed with a "#" symbol. The comments
+should be separated with single space from the "#", unless this is trailing
+whitespace, in which case it should be removed (meaning blank lines in comments
+block are just "#\n").
+The comments block consists of 2 mandatory parts (`author line`_ and
+`explanation`_) and one optional part (`last-rite epilogue`_). A blank line to
+separate the parts is optional. Trailing whitespace should be dropped.
+The lines of the comments block should use column wrapping of 80 characters
+(including the "#" prefix). The author line is excluded from this maximum
+For simplifying the explanation, we wouldn't mention the "#" prefix.
+Implementations are advised to drop this prefix before further processing the
+Author Line
+A line of the format: ``${AUTHOR-NAME} <${EMAIL}> (${SINGLE-DATE})``. The author
+name and email should correspond to the mask author, and should confirm to the
+GLEP 76 rules. The date should be of RFC-3339 full-date format, meaning
+``YYYY-MM-DD``. The date is recommended to use the date at UTC timezone at the
+moment of commit push.
+In this block the reasons for the mask should be listed, with extra explanation
+where needed. If referencing bugs, use the `bugs list`_ format (mask rendering
+tools should render mentioned bugs also in this part).
+In this part, a paragraph separator is a blank line, similar to ReStructuredText
+format. Using multiple blank lines between paragraphs is prohibited.
+Last-Rite Epilogue
+If the last paragraph starts with "Removal on", then this mask entry is
+considered as last-rite mask, and the last paragraph must conform to the
+last-rite epilogue format.
+The paragraph should be of format ``Removal on {DATE}[.,]? +{BUGS-LIST}.?``,
+where the date is RFC-3339 full-date format, meaning ``YYYY-MM-DD``, and the
+bugs list is of the `bugs list`_ format. The listed bugs should include the
+last-rite bug opened, and potentially more relevant bugs which weren't listed
+in the explanation paragraphs.
+Bugs List
+A list of bugs should start with a word matching the regular expression
+``"[Bb]ugs?"`` (Bug, Bugs, bug, bugs), a single space, and a comma-separated
+list of bug numbers, where each bug number starts with "#" symbol. For example
+``Bugs #667687, #667689``. Parsers for bugs list should handle bugs list
+wrapping to multiple lines because of its length.
+Not using a hard-coded format
+While using a hard coded format, of some key-value kind (for example TOML, XML,
+INI), might be the correct path in the future, for the moment of writing this
+GLEP, it is preferred to stay with a format resembling most of the masks. Also,
+this GLEP prefers staying with a format close to an organized free-text.
+Specific format for bugs list
+It is preferable to specify the exact expected format for the bugs list, so
+rendering tools (such as ``soko``) can render the bugs numbers as links. Other
+use-cases for extracting the bug numbers exist, for example a new tool for
+tree-cleaning last-rited packages.
+UTC time zone for dates
+Specifying a time zone is quite sensible for an international project such as
+Gentoo. While a difference in a date-only timestamp because of time zone is
+quite unlikely, the main purpose of standardizing on UTC is to prevent the case
+of new entries having a date prior to existing one. Since creating a mask entry
+using tools (such as pkgdev mask) is recommended, the tool should generate the
+correct date, which should be transparent to the user.
+Disallow "removal in X days"
+Another existing variant of last-rite epilogue is using "removal in X days". It
+complicates the knowledge of the last date, since the user needs to compute
+what is the correct date (consider the amount of days in the same month). The
+existence of tools helping to file mask entries means that computing the
+removal date is simple for the writer. No gain is seen from allowing "removal
+in X days" format.
+Backwards Compatibility
+This specification does not break the raw entries format specified in PMS,
+meaning all existing package managers implementations confirming to PMS will
+also support this new specification.
+However, multiple existing entries would need to be manually updated to conform
+to the new specification, so the updated tools can parse and work with all
+existing entries. Only after fixing all entries, the special header should be
+added, opting in the new format. Tools which might be used for overlays are
+recommended to not crash upon non-confirming entries, and verify the existence
+of this special header.
+Reference Implementation
+ TODO: add reference implementations for:
+ 1. pkgcheck check for confirming format
+ 2. pkgdev updated for new format
+ 3. soko updated to use new format
+BNF Grammar
+.. code:: bnf
+ BUGS-LIST ::= [Bb]ugs? #\d+(,? #\d+)*
+ ::= [Bb]ugs? +#\d+(,? +#\d+)*
+ LAST-RITE ::= Removal on {DATE}[.,]? +{BUGS-LIST}.?
+ PARAGRAPH ::= # [^\n]+(\n# [^\n]+)*
+ PKGS_GROUP ::= {DEP}(\n{DEP})*
+ ENTRIES ::= {ENTRY}(\n\n{ENTRY})*
+ GLEP-HEADER ::= # Uses GLEP 84 format
+ SEPARATION ::= # -{5,}.*-{5,}
+Example Entries
+.. code::
+ # Arthur Zamarin <> (2023-09-21)
+ # Very broken, no idea why packaged, need to drop ASAP. The project
+ # is done with supporting this package. See for history bug #667889.
+ #
+ # As a better plan, you should migrate to dev-lang/perl, which has
+ # better compatibility with dev-lang/ruby when used with dev-lang/lua
+ # bindings.
+ # Removal on 2023-10-21. Bugs #667687, #667689.
+ dev-lang/python
+ # Arthur Zamarin <> (2023-09-20)
+ # Normal mask for testing
+ dev-lang/lua:5.1
+References and Footnotes
+.. [#PMS-4.4] "PMS section 4.4"
+ (
+.. [#PMS-5.2.8] "PMS section 5.2.8"
+ (
+.. [#CURR-MASK] "Existing ``packages.mask`` header before this GLEP"
+ (
+.. [#lr-add-pmask]
+.. [#pkgdev-mask]
+.. [#soko-mask]
+This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0
+International License. To view a copy of this license, visit