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-<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
-<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "">
- <maintainer>
- <email></email>
- <name>Tom Wijsman</name>
- </maintainer>
- <use>
- <flag name="atmo">Enables support for AtmoLight (homebrew Ambient Lighting Technology)</flag>
- <flag name="audioqueue">Enables AudioQueue audio module for Mac OS X.</flag>
- <flag name="avcodec">Enables libavcodec support for video/audio encoding/decoding. libavcodec is part of FFmpeg.</flag>
- <flag name="avformat">Enables libformat support for reading and writing various media containers. libavformat is part of FFmpeg.</flag>
- <flag name="bluray">Enables libbluray for Blu-ray disc support.</flag>
- <flag name="dc1394">Enables IIDC cameras support.</flag>
- <flag name="dirac">Enable Dirac video support (an advanced royalty-free video compression format) via the reference library: dirac.</flag>
- <flag name="direct2d">Enable Win7/VistaPU Direct2D support.</flag>
- <flag name="directx">Enable Win32 DirectX support.</flag>
- <flag name="dshow">Enables Win32 DirectShow support.</flag>
- <flag name="dvbpsi">Enables support for Mpeg-TS files (.ts, .m2ts, .mts) via <pkg>media-libs/libdvbpsi</pkg>.</flag>
- <flag name="dxva2">Enables Win32 DxVA2 support.</flag>
- <flag name="egl">Enables EGL video output module.</flag>
- <flag name="fbosd">Enables the framebuffer overlay plugin.</flag>
- <flag name="fluidsynth">Enables Fluidsynth MIDI software synthesis (with external sound fonts).</flag>
- <flag name="gcrypt">Enables cryptography support via libgcrypt.</flag>
- <flag name="gme">Enables support for <pkg>media-libs/game-music-emu</pkg> for playing various video game music formats.</flag>
- <flag name="gnome">Adds support for GNOME's filesystem abstraction layer, <pkg>gnome-base/gnome-vfs</pkg>. This flag is not GUI-related.</flag>
- <flag name="growl">Enables growl notification support (over UDP for remote access and native on OSX)</flag>
- <flag name="httpd">Enables a web based interface for vlc.</flag>
- <flag name="ios-vout">Enables iPhone OS video output.</flag>
- <flag name="kate">Adds support for Ogg Kate subtitles via libkate.</flag>
- <flag name="libproxy">Enables support for proxy settings in the HTTP access module.</flag>
- <flag name="libtar">Uses libtar instead of the built-in tar reader for reading custom skins.</flag>
- <flag name="libtiger">Enables Ogg Kate subtitles rendering using libtiger.</flag>
- <flag name="linsys">Enables support for Linux Linear Systems Ltd. SDI and HD-SDI input cards.</flag>
- <flag name="live">Enables live555 streaming media support (client support for rtsp).</flag>
- <flag name="macosx">Enables Mac OS X gui support.</flag>
- <flag name="macosx-audio">Enables Mac OS X audio module.</flag>
- <flag name="macosx-dialog-provider">Enables Mac OS X dialog module.</flag>
- <flag name="macosx-eyetv">Enables Mac OS X EyeTV (TNT Tuner) module.</flag>
- <flag name="macosx-quartztext">Enables Mac OS X quartz text module.</flag>
- <flag name="macosx-qtkit">Enables Mac OS X qtkit module: qtcapture (video) and qtsound (audio) module.</flag>
- <flag name="macosx-vout">Enables Mac OS X video output module.</flag>
- <flag name="matroska">Enables matroska support using reference libraries (fallback on other existing matroska support if disabled, i.e., matroska enabled FFmpeg)</flag>
- <flag name="media-library">Build the (sqlite based) media library.</flag>
- <flag name="omxil">Enables OpenMAX Integration Layer codec module.</flag>
- <flag name="optimisememory">Enable optimisation for memory rather than performance.</flag>
- <flag name="opus">Support opus decoding via libopus.</flag>
- <flag name="postproc">Enables image post-processing via libpostproc (part of FFmpeg).</flag>
- <flag name="projectm">Enables the projectM visualization plugin.</flag>
- <flag name="pvr">Enables PVR cards access module.</flag>
- <flag name="qt4" restrict="&gt;=media-video/vlc-0.9">Builds a <pkg>x11-libs/qt</pkg> based frontend. It is now the most up-to-date graphical interface available.</flag>
- <flag name="rtsp">Enables real audio and RTSP modules.</flag>
- <flag name="run-as-root">Allows vlc to start for root. Don't enable this unless you have a very specific (e.g. embedded) need for it!</flag>
- <flag name="schroedinger">Enable Dirac video support (an advanced royalty-free video compression format) via libschroedinger (high-speed implementation in C of the Dirac codec).</flag>
- <flag name="sid">Adds support for playing C64 SID files through <pkg>media-libs/libsidplay-2</pkg>.</flag>
- <flag name="sdl-image">Enables sdl image video decoder (depends on sdl)</flag>
- <flag name="shine">Enables shine fixed point mp3 encoder.</flag>
- <flag name="shout">Enables libshout output.</flag>
- <flag name="skins">Enables support for the skins2 interface.</flag>
- <flag name="switcher">Enables MPEG2 video switcher stream output module.</flag>
- <flag name="swscale">Enables image scaling and conversion via libswscale (part of FFmpeg).</flag>
- <flag name="twolame">Enables twolame support (MPEG Audio Layer 2 encoder).</flag>
- <flag name="upnp">Enables support for Intel UPnP stack.</flag>
- <flag name="vaapi">Enables VAAPI (Video Acceleration API) for hardware decoding</flag>
- <flag name="vcdx">Enables VCD with navigation via libvcdinfo (depends on cdio)</flag>
- <flag name="vlm">New videolan (media) manager (vlm), a little manager designed to launch and manage multiple streams from within one instance of VLC.</flag>
- <flag name="waveout">Enable win32 waveOut plugin.</flag>
- <flag name="wingdi">Enable Win32 GDI module.</flag>
- <flag name="wma-fixed">Enables fixed point WMA decoder.</flag>
- <flag name="X">Enables support for, e.g., fullscreen mode via the X Window System. By itself, this flag does not build a graphical interface.</flag>
- <flag name="zvbi">Enables support for teletext subtitles via the zvbi library.</flag>
- </use>