Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* remove old 2.6.20 xen kernelHEADmasterMichael Marineau2007-08-074-134/+0
* Fix xen's console when using the tty devicesMichael Marineau2007-07-163-5/+85
* Clean out everything that is now in the proj/xen overlayMichael Marineau2007-07-1418-635/+0
* Add xen-sources 2.6.20, not quite working but here for the record anywayMichael Marineau2007-07-143-0/+54
* Initial commit of xen 3.1.0, includes some tweeks from bug #179412 and rbu's ...Michael Marineau2007-07-1024-723/+117
* Set xen-3.0.2 to depend on xen-sources- Marineau2007-05-022-5/+5
* Switch from einfo to elog, remove hardened use flag and detect hardened gcc f...Michael Marineau2007-05-023-22/+117
* Fix Manifest for xen and xen-toolsMichael Marineau2007-05-012-8/+8
* Update xen-sources Manifest, forgot to update after removing ebuilds.Michael Marineau2007-05-011-40/+8
* Update the Xen homepage url, remove older kernelsMichael Marineau2007-05-015-33/+56
* Copy xen-tools 3.0.2 into overlay and reorganize the files dir. This is what ...Michael Marineau2007-05-0119-49/+673
* Fix the xen remove mintor mode patch, now typing works.Michael Marineau2007-04-262-101/+14
* Bump xen-sources to Marineau2007-04-263-0/+46
* Fix xen-sources Manifest fileMichael Marineau2007-04-141-0/+8
* Remove QEMU monitor mode from VNC, fixes bug #170917. Needs testing\!Michael Marineau2007-04-113-4/+121
* Add xen-sources, nuke extra vanilla-sources ebuild.Michael Marineau2007-04-104-0/+82
* Set xen to depend on either grub and grub-staticMichael Marineau2007-04-072-0/+115
* Add fix for network broadcasts on bridge networks.Michael Marineau2007-03-063-0/+250