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* [ticket/10767] Revert unconditional unfatality in commit-msg hook.Oleg Pudeyev2012-04-161-3/+18
* [ticket/10760] Fix numbering in php fun facts.Oleg Pudeyev2012-04-041-5/+5
* [ticket/10760] Value must be quoted as it might be two words.Oleg Pudeyev2012-04-041-1/+1
* [ticket/10760] PHP is great. This commit is the proof.Oleg Pudeyev2012-04-041-0/+24
* [ticket/10760] Catch both versions of parse error output in php.Oleg Pudeyev2012-04-041-0/+14
* [ticket/10760] Account for display_errors=stderr in pre-commit hook.Oleg Pudeyev2012-04-031-1/+7
* [ticket/10760] Quote PHP_BIN when using it.Oleg Pudeyev2012-04-031-2/+2
* [ticket/10760] Use echo -e only if echo understands -e.Oleg Pudeyev2012-04-031-2/+9
* [ticket/10760] Use externally specified PHP_BIN if any.Oleg Pudeyev2012-04-031-3/+5
* [ticket/9916] Changing header in non-distributed filesUnknown2012-01-022-2/+2
* [ticket/10093] Use correct ANSI code for clearing color.Oleg Pudeyev2011-12-031-2/+2
* [ticket/10093] Make commit-msg always not fatal by nuking all fatal logic.Oleg Pudeyev2011-12-031-18/+3
* [ticket/10093] Use color in commit-msg hook warning/error messages.Oleg Pudeyev2011-11-261-1/+50
* [ticket/10093] Refactor complaining in commit-msg hook for color support.Oleg Pudeyev2011-11-261-17/+22
* [ticket/10093] Respect phpbb.hooks.commit-msg.fatal on syntax errors.Oleg Pudeyev2011-11-261-1/+1
* [ticket/10093] Document phpbb.hooks.commit-msg.fatal setting.Oleg Pudeyev2011-11-261-0/+5
* Merge remote branch 'igorw/ticket/9806' into develop-olympusIgor Wiedler2011-03-201-0/+175
| * [ticket/9806] Script for merging pull requestsIgor Wiedler2011-03-131-0/+175
* | Merge branch 'ticket/p/10092' into develop-olympusAndreas Fischer2011-03-141-1/+1
|\ \
| * | [ticket/10092] Ignore overlength comment lines in commit-msg hook.Oleg Pudeyev2011-03-111-1/+1
| |/
* / [ticket/10078] Avoid \n in strings given to echo for portability.Oleg Pudeyev2011-03-111-2/+3
* [ticket/9824] Accept commit messages with less than perfect headings.Oleg Pudeyev2011-03-011-1/+13
* [ticket/9824] Allow empty lines after ticket reference.Oleg Pudeyev2011-03-011-1/+8
* [ticket/9824] Use printf instead of echo to render \n.Oleg Pudeyev2011-03-011-1/+1
* [ticket/9824] Handle empty commit messages in commit-msg hook.Oleg Pudeyev2011-03-011-0/+11
* [ticket/9824] Add space after [ticket/12345] in prepared commit message.Andreas Fischer2011-03-021-1/+1
* [ticket/9824] Remove space after PHPBB3-12345 in prepared commit message.Andreas Fischer2011-03-021-1/+1
* [ticket/10044] Updated invocation documentation.Oleg Pudeyev2011-02-161-1/+1
* [ticket/10044] Stop when failed to retrieve network/collaborators.Oleg Pudeyev2011-02-151-40/+50
* [ticket/10044] Added -h to setup_github_network.php.Oleg Pudeyev2011-02-151-2/+3
* [ticket/10044] Error handling for remote requests in setup_github_network.phpOleg Pudeyev2011-02-151-1/+22
* [ticket/10044] Made setup_github_network.php runnable as a scriptOleg Pudeyev2011-02-151-0/+1
* [ticket/9805] Setup security repository for developers.Andreas Fischer2011-02-031-0/+6
* [ticket/9805] Move check lower down.Andreas Fischer2011-02-031-6/+7
* [ticket/9805] Better support for already existing repositories.Andreas Fischer2011-02-031-17/+14
* [ticket/9805] Add dry-run option.Andreas Fischer2011-02-031-3/+19
* [ticket/9805] Use getopt(), add a few options, extend show_usage().Andreas Fischer2011-02-031-18/+34
* [ticket/9805] Script for easily cloning a whole github network.Andreas Fischer2011-01-151-0/+179
* Merge branch 'task/cs278/git-tools' into develop-olympusIgor Wiedler2010-09-091-4/+5
| * [task/git-tools] Change the GNU --lines argument to the POSIX -lChris Smith2010-09-081-1/+1
| * [task/git-tools] Solve dependency on the GNU wc --max-line-length optionChris Smith2010-09-071-3/+4
* | [ticket/9777] Print error message in pre-commit hook when php is not installed.Oleg Pudeyev2010-08-191-0/+7
* [task/git-tools] Ignore git commit message commentsChris Smith2010-08-101-1/+13
* [task/git-tools] Adjust the hook to enforce that a ticket is always mentionedChris Smith2010-08-101-2/+2
* [task/git-tools] Vastly expanded commit-msg hook.Chris Smith2010-08-101-5/+224
* [task/git-tools] Beginnings of a syntax checking hook.Chris Smith2010-08-101-0/+26
* [task/git-tools] Append ticket identifier to commit message prior to editing.Chris Smith2010-08-102-25/+9
* [task/git-tools] add install and uninstall scripts for hooksIgor Wiedler2010-07-122-0/+33
* [task/git-tools] move ticket id appending to commit-msg hookIgor Wiedler2010-07-122-7/+24
* [task/git-tools] append ticket id to git log messageIgor Wiedler2010-07-121-0/+7