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* README for the applicationHEADmasterJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-08-032-0/+36
* Custom doodle-like featureJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-08-0317-23/+188
* Fix problem with passwords shown as open text during signupJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-08-024-18/+31
* Add license informationJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-08-0167-0/+1651
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/review'Petteri Räty2011-08-0126-54/+256
| * Add and cleanup validationsJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-08-014-5/+7
| * Add line in site/app/models/proxy.rb for better readabilityJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-08-011-0/+1
| * A little cleanup in User classJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-261-3/+2
| * Use hobo scopes where possibleJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-261-3/+3
| * Cleanup Agenda.update_voting_optionsJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-262-12/+13
| * Improve controller readabilityJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-262-5/+5
| * Improve testsJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-269-24/+35
| * Council members can approve summariesJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-2612-2/+177
| * Add summary fieldJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-253-5/+18
* | Show use hints for usersJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-08-016-21/+41
* | Improve front pageJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-08-011-17/+16
* Improve tests coverageJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-211-0/+10
* Use custom change in hobo to solve problem with db:reset taskJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-212-1/+6
* Use factory_girl_rails, don't require factories manuallyJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-166-8/+7
* Seed database for demosJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-132-0/+88
* Fix warning coming from outdated will_paginate gemJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-131-1/+1
* Fix code that produced warnings when running rake tasksJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-132-2/+2
* Show hint on timelimits format (on AgendaItem edit page)Joachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-134-19/+21
* Add mysql gem dependencyJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-132-0/+3
* Use hobo from git to make :null=>false default for some types of fieldsJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-119-59/+64
* Fix rake task for updating discussion times on AgendaItemsJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-111-2/+1
* Pull information on how long meeting took from Gentoo archivesJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-1114-8/+1597
* Show community votes properlyJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-069-16/+104
* Distinguish votes made during council voting and community voiceJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-065-8/+41
* Allow all users to voteJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-063-24/+52
* Update selenium-webdriverPetteri Räty2011-07-051-7/+6
* Allow markdown in agenda item bodyJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-053-1/+4
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/bugfix'Petteri Räty2011-07-0510-16/+59
| * Display buttons on Agenda item view page in cleaner wayJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-055-3/+35
| * Show slacking status properly when there were no meetings yet.Joachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-052-0/+9
| * Agenda.current creates new agenda if neededJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-053-13/+15
* | Application receives meeting log from IRC botJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-274-2/+19
* Application receives data from botJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-253-1/+47
* Send timelimits to botJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-245-10/+44
* Remove some duplicationJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-174-11/+16
* Change names to communicativeJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-173-19/+19
* Improve Agenda model spec coverageJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-172-1/+44
* Improve VotingOption model test coverageJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-171-0/+7
* Improve User model test coverageJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-173-2/+111
* Remove trailing whitespaceJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-131-1/+1
* Show slacking information in the applicationJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-1010-1/+174
* Handle proxies attendanceJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-102-3/+12
* Receive list of meeting participants from IRC botJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-107-20/+49
* agenda/reminders page lists users that bot should remind about meetingJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-105-4/+36
* Send email reminders about meetings using delayed_jobJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-1015-6/+170