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* new version... thanks nixnutGustavo Felisberto2007-07-181-4/+15
* Updated Manifest.Chris Gianelloni2007-02-191-8/+8
* Added a newer revision which is in line with the current stable version on PP...Chris Gianelloni2007-02-191-0/+9
* fixed manifestGustavo Felisberto2006-12-231-12/+4
* Removed older version and added one with device tree fixesGustavo Felisberto2006-12-231-0/+8
* Added -r1 with sound and default .configGustavo Felisberto2006-12-211-0/+8
* RedigestMarkus Ullmann2006-12-211-4/+4
* For soem reason, the Manifest didn't update the ebuild size. Stupid portage.Chris Gianelloni2006-12-181-1/+1
* I've updated the patch set and sent the new copy to the mirrors. This resolv...Chris Gianelloni2006-12-181-8/+8
* Updated Manifest/digest.Chris Gianelloni2006-12-151-8/+12
* This is the first version of the efika-sources package. It is based on gento...Chris Gianelloni2006-12-141-0/+11