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Dev-oriented doc to roughly explain what went into the rewrite. Signed-off-by: Ionen Wolkens <ionen@gentoo.org>
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+eselect-wine implementation notes
+Just bit of ramblings, nothing interesting for most people here
+unless want an overview to work on the module or rewrite again.
+* ``/usr/bin`` wrappers:
+ - pros: mininal need for changes, and could select like python-exec
+ with ``/etc`` configs and/or env vars
+ - cons: we don't know what wrappers are needed, wine variants or
+ versions could use more binaries or less and become messy to handle,
+ plus still need to handle man pages and such
+* ``PATH``/``MANPATH``/``XDG_DATA_DIRS``-based:
+ - pros: *mostly* no modifications needed bare normal ``/etc/env.d`` files
+ - cons: does not handle some still needed ``/usr`` links and users have to
+ ``source /etc/profile`` every single updates(!) for new ``PATH``, also
+ ``PATH`` use in general could become an issue if used by too many eselect
+ modules (not that it's so bad if just used by packages with many bins)
+* ``/usr`` live symlinks/updates (legacy model):
+ - pros: no sourcing ``/etc/profile`` ever fwiw
+ - cons: requires some degree of safety to know what we can touch, so
+ former ``eselect-wine`` used a register/deregister model, hardcoded
+ known variants, and saved links in config files (error prone and
+ sometimes left users needing to manually fix it at times, modifying
+ live ``/usr`` is also often frowned upon and this overdid it)
+* ``PATH``-based with ``/etc/eselect/wine/bin`` links (current):
+ - pros: no need to ``source /etc/profile`` more than once, and does not
+ modify ``/usr`` (``/usr/bin/wine`` link can be installed by the ebuild
+ for e.g. ``binfmt`` compat), ``/etc/eselect/wine`` can be deleted safely
+ and re-generated cleanly on a whim
+ - cons: sourcing ``/etc/profile`` once still requires informing users, and
+ implementation still a bit complex despite half+ size of the previous
+Notable ebuild installation paths
+* ``usr/include/wine-<variant>-<version>`` (-> ``/usr/include/wine`` for compat)
+* ``usr/lib/wine-<variant>-<version>``
+ - ``bin/`` (usable in ``PATH`` as-is, but will lack variant links)
+ - ``wine/`` (-> ``/usr/lib/wine`` for compat, albeit this one is not
+ typically needed given ``winebuild`` will find the right location)
+* ``usr/share/wine-<variant>-<version>`` (usable as ``XDG_DATA_DIRS``)
+ - ``man/`` (usable in ``MANPATH``)
+* ``usr/bin/*-<variant>-<version>`` (optional, not used *here* anymore)
+Legacy ebuilds may split between ``usr/lib64`` and ``usr/lib``, i.e. rather than
+have ``wine/{i386,x86_64}`` in ``/usr/lib/<slot>``, will be split as such:
+* ``usr/lib/<slot>/wine/i386-windows``
+* ``usr/lib64/<slot>/wine/x86_64-windows``
+(not supported anymore, current eselect will warn they are being ignored)
+If need to auto-detect installations, it is recommended to check if
+``usr/lib/wine-*-[0-9]*/bin/wine`` exists and use the matching ``wine-*``
+to look at other directories (variant name should not have ``-``).
+Current implementation overview
+``eselect-wine`` ebuild's env.d adds ``/etc/eselect/wine/bin`` to ``PATH``,
+and similar for ``MANPATH``/``XDG_DATA_DIRS`` which provides static
+locations that will not need ``source /etc/profile`` every changes.
+Can freely work on that directory, clean it up, add variants suffixes,
+etc... without worrying about mangling ``/usr``.
+Like previous implementation, still allows per-variant versioning, e.g.
+* ``winecfg-vanilla`` -> ``/usr/bin/wine-vanilla-7.0`` (shell wrapper)
+* ``winecfg-vanilla-7.0`` -> ``/usr/lib/wine-vanilla-7.0/bin/winecfg``
+* ``winecfg`` -> ``/usr/bin/wine-vanilla-7.0`` (*could* be a symlink to ^)
+Versioned wrappers like ``winecfg-vanilla-7.0`` are installed by Wine
+ebuilds and can be modified *there* if any quirks need to be handled.
+So, for consistency, calling the wrapper even for plain ``winecfg``.
+Wrappers are needed because wine treats ``argv[0]`` specially. May be
+workable around for a pure ``PATH`` solution, but would likely require
+yet more ``eselect-wine`` compatibility code in ebuilds. Alternatively,
+could consider removing variant link support altogether.
+Originally wanted to not have a ``wine.conf`` and read links for the
+previous slots and updates, but unless wrappers are in ``/usr/lib/<slot>``
+that would be unreliable.
+These aside, ``eselect-wine`` ebuild will have created ``/usr/bin/wine``,
+``/usr/lib/wine``, and ``/usr/include/wine`` symlinks that points to
+locations in ``/etc/eselect/wine``. This allows updating them without
+modifying ``/usr`` directly. Would be possible to work without these
+but may confuses some build systems and ``/usr/bin/wine`` is a typical
+location for ``binfmt`` to look at.
+``XDG_DATA_DIRS`` is not currently very useful (only one .desktop), but
+would be relevant if want to move things back from ``wine-desktop-common``.
+One issue about ``.desktop`` is that legacy eselect used to handle
+``update-desktop-database``. Given it's now a private cache file only
+created for Wine in ``/usr/share/<slot>/applications`` it may make more
+sense to have ebuilds generate it in ``src_install()`` (tracked, allowing
+cleanup and directory removal). Not that missing cache for 1 ``.desktop``
+means much. Also, per-variant ``XDG_DATA_DIRS``/``.desktop`` is not handled
+(aka only main is active), this would be messy as far as MimeTypes
+priorities go anyway.
+ebuilds only need to run a single ``eselect wine update --if-unset`` in
+``src_postinst`` and ``src_postrm`` (yes **post** rm now), no registering
+Migration handling
+Need some degree of compatibility with older ``eselect-wine`` given older
+installed Wine ebuilds or those from overlays will call this in e.g.
+``src_prerm()`` with old arguments (could sit there for years).
+To complicate things, in ``prerm`` the files still exists and so we end up
+auto-detecting them and not actually cleaning.
+So, still recognize these:
+* ``register``: no-op, return true
+* ``deregister``: likewise
+* ``update``: ignore e.g. ``--all``/``--vanilla`` arguments, some ebuilds
+ may end up updating twice until migrated but that's ok
+``unset`` also existed, but to my knowledge only the ``eselect-wine`` ebuild
+ever used this (``prerm``) and this should never be used with the new one.
+``eselect-wine`` ebuild can handle calling the old one for most cleanups,
+additionally ``active`` -> ``eselect-wine-migration`` is supported to attempt
+to keep same slots selected. Users will need to ``source /etc/profile`` (once)
+for ``PATH`` updates, but otherwise *should* see no negative impacts.
+Support code for these can be cleaned up in 2025 or later, no urgency
+albeit it will cleanup ``eselect wine help`` output and tidy the
+``eselect-wine`` ebuild. Meanwhile Wine ebuilds are encouraged to ``IDEPEND``
+on ``>=app-eselect/eselect-wine-2`` and drop deprecated usage.
+Normally migration should be smooth, but there is no mechanism implemented
+to cleanup ``/usr/bin`` and ``/usr/share/man`` with an old version's **broken**
+``/etc/eselect/wine`` (e.g. missing data while links are still in ``/usr/bin``).
+Searching for dead links may help if needed (e.g. ``find /usr/bin -xtype l``).
+Fortunately, dead links are normally ignored in ``PATH`` and won't shadow.
+Note downgrading ``eselect-wine`` after migrating is not very supported as it
+requires re-registering each slots again manually. Re-upgrading should not
+be an issue though.