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* [games-board/kbang] Cleanup and move to stable.Tomáš Chvátal2009-08-154-0/+60
* [games-action/teeworlds] Move to stable.Tomáš Chvátal2009-08-147-0/+191
* [games-fps/urbanterror] Add missing || dieTomáš Chvátal2009-08-142-4/+6
* [games-arcade/tuxanci] Rename alsa onto sound useflag.Tomáš Chvátal2009-08-143-6/+9
* Update categories.Tomáš Chvátal2009-08-141-0/+1
* [games-puzzle/pipewalker] Bump, clean move to stable.Tomáš Chvátal2009-08-143-0/+52
* [stable|games-fps/nexuiz] Version bump.Tomáš Chvátal2009-08-142-2/+2
* Move to 2 folder layout where one is for devel and one for fixed things.Tomáš Chvátal2009-08-1336-0/+1151