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to amd64
- The full list of directory names is:
- amd64 ilp32 ilp32d lp64 lp64d n32 n64 o32 ppc ppc64 s390 s390x x32 x86
* At the end run ./Cleanup to remove everything that is not needed
Current status:
-* lp64d, lp64, ilp32d, ilp32: Files from gcc-10.2
+* riscv/{lp64d,lp64,ilp32d,ilp32}: Files from gcc-10.2
* amd64, x86, ppc, ppc64: Files from gcc-9.3
* x32: Files from gcc-6.4
* s390, s390x: Files from gcc-5.4 (does this work?)
-* n32, n64, o32: last mips stages are years old, not useful
+* mips/{n32,n64,o32}: Files from gcc-11.2.1