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* Fix build issue with openchrome.HEADmasterRobert Seaton2011-07-262-0/+49
* Updated glendix-sources to v2.6.39.Robert Seaton2011-07-264-0/+3314
* Added 9vx ebuild.Robert Seaton2011-07-262-0/+23
* Version bump libxml2 to fix build issue.Robert Seaton2011-07-0512-0/+1820
* Add golang ebuild.Robert Seaton2011-07-052-0/+106
* Updated plan9port.Robert Seaton2011-07-052-3/+3
* Updated plan9port ebuild to use the mercurial repo as source. Fixes issues wi...Robert Seaton2011-06-062-4/+7
* Modified patch to match the style of the official patches to the Linux kernel.Robert Seaton2011-06-023-54/+55
* Added plan9port ebuild.Robert Seaton2011-05-272-0/+77
* first commitRobert Seaton2011-05-241-0/+0
* first commitRobert Seaton2011-05-244-0/+3158