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* Fix bug #411005 - Have the user manually install python-2Sven Vermeulen2012-04-101-1/+2
* Fix bug #411365 - Only refer to staff_u when policy is strictSven Vermeulen2012-04-101-3/+10
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* Update on documents, including adding FAQ about initramfsSven Vermeulen2012-02-263-9/+27
* Add edited lvm-* scripts to CONFIG_PROTECT locationSven Vermeulen2012-01-291-3/+5
* Correct naming for modulesSven Vermeulen2012-01-211-2/+8
* FAQ update - loadpolicy issue is not in tree anymoreSven Vermeulen2011-12-271-14/+7
* It is SEGMEXEC that is not available for non-x86_32 architecturesSven Vermeulen2011-12-231-3/+3
* Remove obsoleted imagesSven Vermeulen2011-12-2210-20/+0
* Drop module information, is now over at wiki.g.oSven Vermeulen2011-12-227-1708/+0
* Reboot before relabeling, add blurb about etc-update/dispatch-confSven Vermeulen2011-12-171-8/+12
* Add information on HOME=/, cfr bug #392699Sven Vermeulen2011-12-141-31/+13
* Add blurb on consequences of disabling SELinux support in portageSven Vermeulen2011-12-111-0/+25
* Adding portage installation failure informationSven Vermeulen2011-12-111-2/+68
* Adding FAQ on run_init authenticationSven Vermeulen2011-12-101-2/+36
* Roadmap update: old profiles are deprecatedSven Vermeulen2011-12-101-2/+2
* Add request for SELinux-enabled stage3 files to roadmapSven Vermeulen2011-12-101-2/+9
* Update documents to reflect supporting vanilla SELinux supportSven Vermeulen2011-12-101-30/+24
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* Updating information on module policy development aspectsSven Vermeulen2011-11-221-5/+12
* Remove battousai from hardened page. Bryan: thanks for all the hard work you ...Sven Vermeulen2011-11-171-7/+0
* SELinux is stableSven Vermeulen2011-11-171-4/+4
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* | Add prometheanfire as dev, switch myself and pebenito as per selinux@ discussionSven Vermeulen2011-11-111-2/+3
* Posix SH requires semicolon; thanks to Mick Reed for reportingSven Vermeulen2011-10-251-3/+3
* Remove obsolete documentsSven Vermeulen2011-10-233-1466/+0
* Drop ~arch recommendation, not needed anymoreSven Vermeulen2011-10-191-2/+4