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masterAdd try...catch blocks and correct default settings in .conf filesKostyantyn Ovechko14 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2010-08-16Add try...catch blocks and correct default settings in .conf filesHEADmasterKostyantyn Ovechko5-317/+376
2010-08-16Move example from to net0_example.pyKostyantyn Ovechko2-12/+16
2010-08-16Erase deprecated lines in Makefile filesKostyantyn Ovechko3-30/+0
2010-08-16Resize webui imagesKostyantyn Ovechko10-0/+0
2010-08-16Add show_help() function to tuiclientKostyantyn Ovechko4-9/+25
2010-08-16Add try...catch blocks to a few functions in request toolKostyantyn Ovechko4-137/+69
2010-08-16Add show_help() function and remove deprecated code lines.Kostyantyn Ovechko18-474/+243
2010-08-14Fix pkgconfig problem with libcrypto++, and rename segget.* to seggetd.*Kostyantyn Ovechko11-34/+35
2010-08-14Move /tmp folders/files to /var/tmpKostyantyn Ovechko78-290/+0
2010-08-14Add arguments to request tool: --help, --keep-pkglist-file.Kostyantyn Ovechko7-73/+92