Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* adding new pasemi kernel ebuildHEADmasterBrent Baude2008-10-072-0/+30
* new ebuild for electrasBrent Baude2008-08-152-40/+30
* Adding some new powerpc based buildsBrent Baude2008-08-0610-0/+3449
* new ebuild, new digestBrent Baude2008-01-102-8/+39
* new stuffBrent Baude2008-01-102-0/+43
* actually adding the patches...Brent Baude2007-12-042-0/+0
* Adding freeskb and another rtc patchBrent Baude2007-12-042-4/+14
* digests ;)Brent Baude2007-11-281-4/+12
* Adding new patches for pasemi rtc and i2cBrent Baude2007-11-283-1/+2
* Pasemi sourcesBrent Baude2007-11-205-0/+57