Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Remove obsolete, broken dev-lang/python ebuildsHEADmasterMichał Górny2022-05-182-32/+0
* dev-lang/python: Drop oldMichał Górny2019-12-2952-4580/+0
* dev-lang/python: Remove unnecessary +xMichał Górny2019-12-291-0/+0
* dev-lang/python: Bump 3.4.10 to EAPI 7 and redo patchsetMichał Górny2019-12-295-1018/+0
* dev-lang/python: Redo patchset for 3.5.9Michał Górny2019-12-293-80/+9
* dev-lang/python: Import 3.5.9 from ::gentooMichał Górny2019-12-271-0/+80
* dev-lang/python: Import and fix 3.4.10Michał Górny2019-11-206-0/+1022
* dev-lang/python: add 3.3.5Mike Gilbert2016-10-2715-0/+1528
* dev-lang/python: import 2.6 with some cleanup (still broken)Michał Górny2015-08-0924-0/+1749
* dev-lang/python: Import 3.2 along with patches and bump to 3.2.6Michał Górny2015-08-0814-0/+1322