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+ ============
+ === What ===
+ ============
+Gentoo patchsets for binutils are maintained as vendor branches of the upstream
+binutils-glb git repository. From there, we bundle all the commits into a tarball
+and distribute it via our public mirroring system.
+If you want specific info about a patch (like what it does or whose great idea
+it was to change the code), read the patch! We try to fill out the commit
+messages with useful info such as what it does, why it's needed, bug reports,
+original creators, etc...
+ =============
+ === Where ===
+ =============
+ ===========
+ === How ===
+ ===========
+The patch naming convention is precisely as generated by "git format-patch".
+All patches should apply with -p1 (so they can be used both with the legacy
+epatch function and the new, more strict eapply function).
+Commits where the commit message starts with "[no patch]" will not be included
+in the patch tarball. This is useful for changes to the tarball generation
+script, or for the addition of extra files that are not patches.