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* Update the install instructionsv0.0.4Max Magorsch2020-01-242-3/+3
* Add a github workflow for publishing to pypiMax Magorsch2020-01-241-0/+26
* Display the longdescription correctly on pypiMax Magorsch2020-01-242-1/+2
* Add the licenseMax Magorsch2020-01-242-0/+27
* Make the license configurableMax Magorsch2020-01-234-2/+16
* Add a link to the github repositoryMax Magorsch2020-01-191-1/+1
* Fix the setup.pyMax Magorsch2020-01-191-2/+2
* Update the documentationMax Magorsch2020-01-192-2/+60
* Add package_data in the setup.pyMax Magorsch2020-01-191-0/+6
* Initial commitMax Magorsch2020-01-1810-0/+1721