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* Fixed args bugHEADuprofilemasterSérgio Almeida2009-08-171-2/+8
* Fixed no folder profile bugSérgio Almeida2009-08-171-4/+1
* Added -global when root. Fixed broken global lynkingSérgio Almeida2009-08-173-19/+22
* Added support for targetless links aka *.d/ alike linksSérgio Almeida2009-08-174-11/+43
* Added overlaySérgio Almeida2009-08-103-0/+35
* started .uprofile/env.d/ .uselect/env.d/ capabilitesSérgio Almeida2009-08-084-6/+32
* tweaked uprofile's behaviour, minor bug fixingSérgio Almeida2009-08-012-28/+39
* uprofile now uses PWD instead of HOME for profile storageSérgio Almeida2009-07-313-3/+14
* Merge branch 'uselect'Sérgio Almeida2009-07-310-0/+0
| * uprofile now verifies of '.uselect/' folder existanceSérgio Almeida2009-07-312-9/+17
* | uprofile now verifies '.uprofile/' folder existenceSérgio Almeida2009-07-312-9/+17
* Fixed re-printbugSérgio Almeida2009-07-313-29/+55
* Added support for string targetsSérgio Almeida2009-07-291-12/+23
* fixed ui bugSérgio Almeida2009-07-292-9/+16
* fixed link family bugSérgio Almeida2009-07-291-2/+3
* uprofile with no arguments now defaults do folderSérgio Almeida2009-07-284-31/+86
* Added json profiles partial parsingSérgio Almeida2009-07-282-11/+40
* ProfileAction structure and Argv parsing doneSérgio Almeida2009-07-283-18/+30
* Revert "Added output to profile actions"Sérgio Almeida2009-07-283-30/+17
* Added output to profile actionsSérgio Almeida2009-07-283-17/+30
* Added license to install.shSérgio Almeida2009-07-281-4/+3
* uprofile structure doneSérgio Almeida2009-07-284-34/+126
* Open uprofile branchSérgio Almeida2009-07-275-24/+123
* Fixed syntax typo on umodule.pySérgio Almeida2009-07-271-0/+0
* Lacked -a on last commitSérgio Almeida2009-07-276-245/+447
* Changed modules to plain pythonSérgio Almeida2009-07-278-455/+38
* now verifies if you are rootSérgio Almeida2009-06-171-7/+11
* Initial Universal Select Tool CommitSérgio Almeida2009-06-179-0/+1092