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authorMichał Górny <>2016-03-18 19:30:18 +0100
committerMichał Górny <>2016-03-18 20:10:41 +0100
commit3c06aedcc7742d044017d16e04a9ff49d15c6ee5 (patch)
parentdev-libs/libgcrypt: Remove the multilib project as co-maintainer (diff)
dev-libs/libmaa: Remove invalid <pkg/> uses in metadata.xml
Remove the uses of <pkg/> that referenced the package using unqualified name. The elements could be fixed to use qualified names -- however, by definition they are intended to be used for cross-linking, and there is no point in linking the package to itself.
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diff --git a/dev-libs/libmaa/metadata.xml b/dev-libs/libmaa/metadata.xml
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--- a/dev-libs/libmaa/metadata.xml
+++ b/dev-libs/libmaa/metadata.xml
@@ -3,9 +3,9 @@
<!-- maintainer-needed -->
<longdescription lang="en">
- The <pkg>libmaa</pkg> library provides many low-level data structures which
+ The libmaa library provides many low-level data structures which
are helpful for writing compilers, including hash tables, sets, lists,
- debugging support, and memory management. Although <pkg>libmaa</pkg> was
+ debugging support, and memory management. Although libmaa was
designed and implemented as a foundation for the KHEPERA Transformation
System, the data structures are generally applicable to a wide range of
programming problems. The memory management routines are especially helpful