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dev-perl/Archive-Zip: Bump to version 1.680.0
- EAPI7 - Add app-arch/unzip for tests - Dropped keywords: - amd64-linux m68k-mint ppc-aix sparc-solaris sparc64-solaris x64-solaris x86-solaris ppc-macos x64-macos x86-macos - Due to app-arch/unzip Upstream: - Fix for members using bzip compression - Expect NetBSD unzip not minding empty zips - Add diag for Solaris test failures - Fix skip line for Windows - Skip tests that assume /tmp on windows - Improved Zip64 support - Set 'compressedSize' after writing central directory header - Add $noFormatError parameter for _readSignature - Add error handling for failing object conversion after calling A:Z:Member::_become - A:Z:{Archive,Member}::contents now consistently returns a ($contents,$status) in list context, and just $contents in scalar context - A:Z:Member::extractToFileHandle now supports file names when extracting symbolic links - Remove need for Test::MockModule - examples/ now skips symbolic links - Tests now less picky about OS-specific unzip -t quirks - Various other test suite overhauls and improvements Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.97, Repoman-2.3.22 Signed-off-by: Kent Fredric <>
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