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app-text/poppler-data: add additional cMaps files needed by ghostscript
Quoting John from the Bug; >Ghostscript's official binary is built with bundled CMaps; on Gentoo, these are unbundled >in favor of those provided by app-text/poppler-data. Ghostscript's CMaps include 3 files >missing from poppler-data: Identity-H, Identity-V, and Identity-UTF16-H (CMap >resources for the special-purpose Adobe Identity-0 ROS), and the lack of these files is causing this issue. > >Fedora and Arch avoid this problem by using GS-bundled CMaps, while Debian >(and older versions of Fedora) relies on CMaps from poppler-data (like Gentoo does) >and includes the missing files in their poppler-data package, installing them to >/usr/share/poppler/cMap. (According to Debian, upstream poppler-data refuses to include them.) > >Two of these files are provided by Adobe Type Tools: > > >and the third is from Artifex themselves: >;a=blob;f=Resource/CMap/Identity-UTF16-H;hb=HEAD > >You can copy these 3 files to /usr/share/poppler/cMaps for a quick-and-dirty verification that >they resolve the issue; by doing so, I was able to produce a match for gs-fail-good.jpg and >pass the WeasyPrint test suite using ghostscript-gpl-9.56.1 (and 10.0). Including >these files with poppler-data seems like the best approach. (As noted in >Ghostscript's LICENSE file, Identity-UTF16-H is licensed under AGPL-3+.) Bug: Thanks-to: John Wudrick <> Signed-off-by: Sam James <>
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+DIST poppler-data-0.4.11-extra.tar.xz 3092 BLAKE2B 37d54a15a3725d4fe8c78ac2cb18cb4cc43cc65929822b6e4ac5e17c70f97dd3f4b144c34b4cb1c2439e58d379a61b6b348bc93304a1b730a6e37dd304c763ad SHA512 639dd5467cb06cb417dc1b09ca9db1f7233f902a54220899be3199a1081b91c69ff063f133080175312098ac8078ab8e2c4c91c89b460e8b92e6192f18395531
DIST poppler-data-0.4.11.tar.gz 4497282 BLAKE2B 01f0f9f3d933f45683a702c4d538d8fc59874512290f199b601c16f98f9b596ff249fbc992574d046931cc80f3685f94733248450d3a54f2f961951cdeda7c39 SHA512 a5b7ace28d1677e12f7500ab6345b277dc22cd48ace8d472c083933416879edf4da4efe8217b0e11f75a3387ed98d832fe50567884095b6c0e09ebd8802b0f32