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parentdev-php/xcache: fix inconsistent use of whitespace in metadata.xml. (diff)
dev-php/phpunit: stabilize PHPUnit on all arches.
The latest (and only, as of right now) version of PHPUnit in the tree has been stabilized on amd64 and x86 in bug 635356 to fix CVE-2017-9841. However, that new version now comes with a bunch of pure-PHP dependencies, all of which were unstable for most arches. That left a significant number of packages in permanent ~arch, as punishment for having a test suite. Since PHPUnit and its dependencies are all pure-PHP, I'm taking this opportunity to stabilize them all under the ALLARCHES umbrella. The following packages are affected: * dev-php/File_Iterator * dev-php/PHP_CodeCoverage * dev-php/PHP_Timer * dev-php/PHP_TokenStream * dev-php/Text_Template * dev-php/doctrine-instantiator * dev-php/fedora-autoloader * dev-php/myclabs-deepcopy * dev-php/phpdocumentor-reflection-common * dev-php/phpdocumentor-reflection-docblock * dev-php/phpdocumentor-type-resolver * dev-php/phpspec-prophecy * dev-php/phpunit-mock-objects * dev-php/phpunit * dev-php/sebastian-code-unit-reverse-lookup * dev-php/sebastian-comparator * dev-php/sebastian-diff * dev-php/sebastian-environment * dev-php/sebastian-exporter * dev-php/sebastian-global-state * dev-php/sebastian-object-enumerator * dev-php/sebastian-recursion-context * dev-php/sebastian-resource-operations * dev-php/sebastian-version * dev-php/symfony-yaml * dev-php/webmozart-assert These were all done in a single commit (against the usual better judgment) because many of the affected packages have PHPUnit test suites that create circular dependencies, and that would involve breaking the tree between commits if they had been made individually. Bug:
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diff --git a/dev-php/File_Iterator/File_Iterator-1.4.2.ebuild b/dev-php/File_Iterator/File_Iterator-1.4.2.ebuild
index 5f3c02d57685..1f1c3decc820 100644
--- a/dev-php/File_Iterator/File_Iterator-1.4.2.ebuild
+++ b/dev-php/File_Iterator/File_Iterator-1.4.2.ebuild
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ SRC_URI="${MY_PN}/archive/${PV}.tar.gz -> $
-KEYWORDS="~alpha amd64 ~arm ~hppa ~ia64 ~ppc ~ppc64 ~s390 ~sh ~sparc x86"
+KEYWORDS="alpha amd64 arm hppa ia64 ppc ppc64 ~s390 ~sh sparc x86"