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parentmedia-libs/exempi: Stabilize 2.6.2 ppc, #883901 (diff)
dev-libs/gmp: further econf fixes
* Use gnuconfig.eclass to update configfsf.{guess,sub} before the wrapped versions call them. * Export CBUILD too just in case for the deduced host from upstream's wrapped config.guess (not the same as gnuconfig's at all, see bugs for details). * Save/restore upstream's config.{guess,sub} to make sure that for the second multilib build we still have it available to run. In practice, this may not have mattered too much, as the exported ac_cv_host should've persisted, but it's still worth being (clearly) correct as is the case now. * Move cpudetection warning into pkg_pretend so it's easier to spot and we also don't then repeat it for each ABI. Bug: Bug: Bug: See: 78b4d4ebbcee12f5ef4c1dfa89f80c98a582db9d See: 3fe1b5370c0cc1537d1249e8ec9d2fbcd8619499 See: bf286a7973d8b95dbef90f17cc8e2d66c19a47c8 See: 121152c38caefd8e94fb8c90cb51102693b6d6a8 Signed-off-by: Sam James <>
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