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- <flag name='collab'>Enable collaborative editing plugin</flag>
- <flag name='goffice'>Enable goffice plugin</flag>
- <flag name='grammar'>Enable grammar checking via <pkg>dev-libs/link-grammar</pkg></flag>
+ <flag name="collab">Enable collaborative editing plugin</flag>
+ <flag name="goffice">Enable goffice plugin</flag>
+ <flag name="grammar">Enable grammar checking via <pkg>dev-libs/link-grammar</pkg></flag>
<flag name="map">Enable world map support through <pkg>media-libs/libchamplain</pkg></flag>
- <flag name='math'>Enable support for <pkg>x11-libs/gtkmathview</pkg></flag>
- <flag name='ots'>Enable Text Summarizer plugin</flag>
- <flag name='plugins'>Enable plugins build (see for more information). If your
+ <flag name="math">Enable support for <pkg>x11-libs/gtkmathview</pkg></flag>
+ <flag name="ots">Enable Text Summarizer plugin</flag>
+ <flag name="plugins">Enable plugins build (see for more information). If your
file cannot be opened due lack of support, try enabling this.</flag>
<flag name="redland">Enables support redland and raptor libs.</flag>
- <flag name='thesaurus'>Enable thesaurus support</flag>
- <flag name='wordperfect'>Enable wordperfect file support via <pkg>app-text/libwpd</pkg></flag>
+ <flag name="thesaurus">Enable thesaurus support</flag>
+ <flag name="wordperfect">Enable wordperfect file support via <pkg>app-text/libwpd</pkg></flag>