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<flag name='adns'>Use the GNU <pkg>net-dns/c-ares</pkg> library to resolve DNS names</flag>
+<flag name='androiddump'>Install androiddump</flag>
<flag name='crypt'>Use <pkg>dev-libs/libgcrypt</pkg> to decrypt traffic</flag>
<flag name='doc-pdf'>Build documentation in pdf format (US and a4 paper sizes)</flag>
<flag name='gtk3'>Build the wireshark executable with a GTK+ UI version 3.</flag>
@@ -34,5 +35,6 @@
<flag name='qt4'>Build the wireshark executable with an experimental Qt UI instead of GTK+.</flag>
<flag name='sbc'>Use <pkg>media-libs/sbc</pkg> for playing back SBC encoded packets</flag>
<flag name='smi'>Use <pkg>net-libs/libsmi</pkg> to resolve numeric OIDs into human readable format</flag>
+<flag name='tfshark'>Install tfshark</flag>