Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* php-pear-r2.eclass: Quote argument of ":" commandUlrich Müller2023-03-261-4/+4
* eclass: standardize prologue/epilogueDavid Seifert2023-03-171-12/+12
* *.eclass: @ECLASS-VARIABLE renamed to @ECLASS_VARIABLEUlrich Müller2022-03-241-5/+5
* eclass: Enable EAPI 8 on PHP eclassesBrian Evans2021-11-241-1/+4
* php-pear-r2.eclass: fix @DESCRIPTION syntaxSam James2021-03-311-2/+3
* eclass: [QA] Revert multiple meaningless doc changesMichał Górny2020-12-281-3/+2
* eclass/php-pear-r2: fixup documentationAaron Bauman2020-12-151-1/+2
* eclass: php-pear-r2 - Fix up EROOT to be valid for both EAPIBrian Evans2018-11-011-8/+8
* eclass: php-pear-r2 - Enable EAPI=7 with no other changesBrian Evans2018-10-311-3/+3
* php-pear-r2.eclass: add @SUPPORTED_EAPISMichał Górny2018-08-151-0/+1
* php-pear-r2.eclass: Fix documentation wrt bug 637846Brian Evans2017-11-171-1/+4
* php-pear-r2.eclass: Fix inverted test and bad variable referenceBrian Evans2017-05-271-2/+3
* eclass: new eclass php-pear-r2 to replace php-pear*Brian Evans2017-03-021-0/+122