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parentebuild-maintainer-quiz: adjust the GCC question (p3q12.) slightly (diff)
ebuild-maintainer-quiz: deprecate repoman per council's decision
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@@ -72,14 +72,10 @@ docs: devmanual
docs: devmanual
-3.a. What is repoman? When should it be used? How would you check for QA
- problems with repoman?
-docs: devmanual, wiki
-3.b. A user submits a brand-new ebuild for a new package. What are
- the proper steps (including repoman commands) to take to add
- this ebuild to ::gentoo repository? What should be in the commit message?
+3. A user submits a brand new ebuild for a new package. What are the proper
+ steps, including testing the contribution and checking for QA problems, to
+ add the ebuild to the ::gentoo repository? What should the commit's summary
+ look like, and how do you retain the authorship?
docs: devmanual, wiki