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+[20:02:21] <creffett> !herd kde
+[20:02:22] <willikins> (kde) abcd, ago, alexxy, creffett, dilfridge, jmbsvicetto, johu, kensington, mschiff, patrick, reavertm, scarabeus, thev00d00
+[20:02:26] <creffett> 1. roll call, first attempt
+[20:02:46] -*- creffett here
+[20:04:08] --> tampakrap (~tampakrap@gentoo/developer/tampakrap) hat #gentoo-meetings betreten
+[20:06:30] <creffett> well, that was successful.
+[20:06:36] <creffett> will try again at :15
+[20:06:49] <jmbsvicetto> hmm
+[20:07:11] <creffett> hmm indeed
+[20:09:11] <dilfridge> hmm
+[20:09:14] -*- dilfridge here
+[20:09:44] <hwoarang> you guys are falling apart :p
+[20:10:03] <creffett> our leader is MIA and I requested the meeting be moved up a week
+[20:10:17] <creffett> and nobody being here for meetings is pretty standard anyway
+[20:10:23] <hwoarang> :p
+[20:10:28] <dilfridge> looking at the bug numbers it's not so bad
+[20:10:43] <creffett> I'm surprised that I managed to get my time conversions right this time :P
+[20:10:49] <dilfridge> hehe
+[20:10:52] <dilfridge> I didn't
+[20:10:53] <kensington> we need to decide on a new time I think :p
+[20:10:59] <creffett> yeah, we do
+[20:11:15] <creffett> preferably not decided only by the people who can make the meetings :P
+[20:11:17] <jmbsvicetto> sorry guys, but I need to leave. Whatever you decide, I'm sure will be the best choice :)
+[20:11:28] <dilfridge> oh dear :D
+[20:11:38] <kensington> I'll vote on your behalf ;)
+[20:11:48] <jmbsvicetto> hehe, go ahead
+[20:11:54] -*- creffett decides to make kensington team leader and start a massive project to switch the backend of KDE to GTK+
+[20:12:02] <dilfridge> dastergon: congratulations!!
+[20:12:04] <jmbsvicetto> kensington: just let amarok hidden in a corner and we'll be fine ;)
+[20:12:41] <creffett> well, either way I'll be emailing kde@ with a request for opinions
+[20:12:53] <dastergon> thank you dilfridge :)
+[20:13:42] <kensington> mmmm, KDE/GTK+, nasty
+[20:14:05] <creffett> this is what happens when I'm in charge
+[20:15:36] <creffett> anyway, hopeful attempt at roll call, failing this we try again next week
+[20:15:41] <creffett> !herd kde
+[20:15:42] <willikins> (kde) abcd, ago, alexxy, creffett, dilfridge, jmbsvicetto, johu, kensington, mschiff, patrick, reavertm, scarabeus, thev00d00
+[20:15:57] <creffett> ^ guest starring dastergon
+[20:15:57] -*- kensington (maybe)
+[20:16:03] -*- dilfridge
+[20:16:31] -*- creffett here
+[20:18:16] <creffett> ...sigh
+[20:18:26] <creffett> okay, meeting pushed to next week, I guess
+[20:18:28] <dilfridge> well
+[20:18:34] <dilfridge> what's actually on the agenda?
+[20:18:44] <dilfridge> or more precisely,
+[20:18:49] <dilfridge> what is important / urgent?
+[20:18:53] -*- creffett checks
+[20:19:28] <dilfridge> I had bug 430286 for a while but it disappeared mysteriously
+[20:19:31] <willikins> dilfridge: ">=kde-base/konsole-4.9.0 freezes on double-click"; Gentoo Linux, KDE; UNCO; Martin.vGagern:kde
+[20:19:48] <creffett> 3 potential blockers to stabilizing 4.9, whether to stabilize 4.9.3, when to move cmake to the tree, and what to do about the polkit-kde-kcmodules fiddling with stuff in /usr
+[20:19:53] <dilfridge> I *think* after logging out and in, and it only happened during the in-place upgrade
+[20:19:54] <kensington> (I note that while our herd member list is large, not too many seem to have much time at the moment, so I don't think we'll get too much improved turnout at a later date)
+[20:20:22] <creffett> true
+[20:20:40] <dilfridge> yes
+[20:20:45] <kensington> I think we should move 4.9.3 to tree and stable it, too many fixes are waiting in stable
+[20:20:49] <kensington> s/stable/~arch/
+[20:20:53] <creffett> so, we have three potential blockers to stabilizing 4.9:,,
+[20:21:01] <dilfridge> bug 434156 is hard to debug without help from upstream
+[20:21:04] <willikins> "kde-base/kmail-4.9.1: Problems creating imap folder"; Gentoo Linux, KDE; CONF; dilfridge:kde
+[20:21:26] <creffett> the last one is tracking upstream
+[20:21:27] <dilfridge> and since upstream in this particular case usually does not care for gentoo...
+[20:22:08] <dilfridge> I'd say these are not really blockers (the first one would be but I have not seen it for a while)
+[20:22:16] <creffett> my thoughts are that the three aren't crucial enough to block stabilization, and the last one is upstreamed and we can backport a fix if/when it comes up
+[20:22:27] <dilfridge> ack
+[20:22:49] <dilfridge> mmhh where is ago?
+[20:23:04] <dilfridge> :|
+[20:23:09] <creffett> excellent question
+[20:23:47] <creffett> and then 4.9.3 will be our stable candidate
+[20:23:49] <dilfridge> what is the sec bug that ago was talking about?
+[20:24:10] <creffett> not sure
+[20:24:18] <kensington> !bug #438452
+[20:24:20] <willikins> kensington: "kde-base/konqueror : Multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2012-{4512,4513,4514,4515})"; Gentoo Security, Vulnerabilities; IN_P; ago:security
+[20:25:02] <kensington> we did some investigating and all the fixes are in kdelibs
+[20:25:12] <dilfridge> ok
+[20:25:21] <kensington> in various versions, the last fixed in 4.9.3
+[20:25:24] <dilfridge> so either fast-stable 493 or backport
+[20:25:36] <creffett> fast-stable 493
+[20:25:47] <dilfridge> yeah why not
+[20:26:03] <kensington> there's quite a few bugs cropping back up that are fixed in ~arch, so++
+[20:26:18] <creffett> all right, that's settled
+[20:26:22] <creffett> when do we move 493 to the tree?
+[20:26:23] <kensington> eg. rich0 ran into stable build failure today
+[20:26:41] <dilfridge> searching for the cve numbers on gives no results :(
+[20:26:52] <dilfridge> creffett: now?
+[20:27:03] <creffett> dilfridge: fine with me
+[20:27:04] <dilfridge> with stabilization as soon as ago can do it?
+[20:27:08] <creffett> mhm
+[20:27:20] <kensington> ++
+[20:27:46] <creffett> I'll move it into the tree later today
+[20:27:50] <dilfridge> cool
+[20:28:09] <kensington> there's a list of misc apps in the overlay due for stabilisation too
+[20:28:18] <dilfridge> I'll be gone soon, need to be back at work 8 sharp...
+[20:28:19] <creffett> is there anything special to that beyond "copy everything into kde-base/"? I haven't actually done a move-kde-to-tree before :)
+[20:28:30] <creffett> okay, will discuss that later
+[20:28:45] <dilfridge> creffett: the bump script can do it
+[20:28:49] <creffett> okay
+[20:29:20] <dilfridge> but in the past I've also done it with find and cp
+[20:29:36] <creffett> last two: cmake I say we bump and wait a week or so before moving to tree, and the polkit-kde-kcmodules let's throw a CONFIG_PROTECT in for now and we'll look at symlinking in KDE 4.10
+[20:29:41] <dilfridge> the only difficulty is not missing any patches
+[20:30:44] <dilfridge> cmake: ack
+[20:31:10] <dilfridge> polkit-... not sure what you want to achieve with CONFIG_PROTECT
+[20:31:40] <dilfridge> but all changes only become critical with 4.10 I guess, we probably dont want to make big adaptions within 4.9 series
+[20:32:08] <creffett> protecting /usr/share/polkit-1/actions because right now KDE modifies that and so it can be overwritten on upgrade
+[20:32:15] <dilfridge> ah ok
+[20:32:15] <dilfridge> yes
+[20:32:31] <dilfridge> CONFIG_PROTECT for now and moving it maybe with 4.10
+[20:32:48] <kensington> ++
+[20:32:52] <creffett> mhm, but the exact implementation can wait until we start getting pre-releases of 4.10\
+[20:32:56] <creffett> and that's all from me
+[20:32:57] <dilfridge> yes
+[20:33:21] <dilfridge> everything else is good for next meeting I think
+[20:33:35] <creffett> mhm, will go push them onto the agenda for next month
+[20:33:39] <creffett> thanks all
+[20:33:57] <dilfridge> thank you :)
+[20:35:19] <tampakrap> creffett: don't worry, you are doing great
+[20:35:43] <creffett> I'm not even supposed to be running these things, johu is
+[20:36:04] <tampakrap> not really
+[20:36:11] <tampakrap> team leader != meeting chairman
+[20:36:15] <creffett> he's the fearless leader
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