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+[20:02:32] <ago> !herd kde
+[20:02:32] <willikins> (kde) abcd, ago, alexxy, creffett, dastergon, dilfridge, jmbsvicetto, johu, kensington, mschiff, patrick, reavertm, scarabeus, thev00d00
+[20:02:41] <ago> roll call:
+[20:02:47] -*- ago obviously here
+[20:02:51] * dilfridge has changed topic for #gentoo-meetings to: "Gentoo Meetings | KDE team meeting Thu 21/Mar/2013 19:00 UTC, agenda"
+[20:03:00] -*- dilfridge obviously here
+[20:03:08] -*- creffett here
+[20:03:11] -*- dastergon here
+[20:03:39] <ago> is needed a minimum number of people to start?
+[20:03:44] <creffett> 5, I think
+[20:03:52] <dilfridge> not really, more something like a minimum 5min waiting :D
+[20:03:57] <jmbsvicetto> Do you guys need anything from me?
+[20:04:09] <ago> ok, we are jmbsvicetto probably a vote for the lead
+[20:04:14] <ago> err
+[20:04:20] <ago> s/ok, we are//
+[20:04:24] <dilfridge> jmbsvicetto: nothing specific I think
+[20:04:32] <jmbsvicetto> Are we voting for a new lead?
+[20:04:44] <dilfridge> yes no maybe
+[20:04:47] <creffett> I guess so?
+[20:04:49] <jmbsvicetto> Shouldn't that have happened on last FOSDEM?
+[20:05:12] <ago> jmbsvicetto: no
+[20:05:14] <dilfridge> we should indeed reintroduce that tradition
+[20:06:20] <ago> ok, next roll call at 19:15
+[20:06:48] --> lmiphay ( hat #gentoo-meetings betreten
+[20:07:19] <ago> kensington, creffett: since you handle the announce of the meeting in the lists, please cc kde-stable next time.
+[20:07:29] <jmbsvicetto> well, I've been away for a long time, so you're all more qualified than me about the kde issues. I trust your opinion and will go with the majority vote
+[20:07:36] <dilfridge> lol
+[20:07:52] <creffett> ago: okay
+[20:08:10] --> scarabeus (~scarabeus@gentoo/developer/flyingspaghettimonster/scarabeus) hat #gentoo-meetings betreten
+[20:08:17] <scarabeus> pookaboo
+[20:08:24] -*- jmorgan1 here
+[20:08:31] <jmbsvicetto> whoaa, our flyping spaghetti monster is here? O_O
+[20:08:40] <jmbsvicetto> even the *flying* ;)
+[20:09:25] -*- creffett wonders why we always have such good turnout when someone besides me sends the email :P
+[20:09:26] <scarabeus> jmbsvicetto: and we too need to plan out delivery of your camera finaly :D i am still walking around it and puting it to various shelfs... it still does not fit into czech republic :D
+[20:09:50] <jmbsvicetto> scarabeus: hehe
+[20:09:52] <jmbsvicetto> scarabeus: sorry about that
+[20:10:11] <jmbsvicetto> scarabeus: If things go as well as I hope, I'll be asking you soon to send it to me ;)
+[20:10:20] <scarabeus> splendid :-)
+[20:11:27] <jmbsvicetto> anyway, I'm sorry guys but I need to leave now. Have a good meeting
+[20:13:32] <dastergon> ago: roll call no2 ?
+[20:14:17] <ago> dastergon: just wait another min
+[20:14:22] <dilfridge> i guess ago is waiting for the clock to strike 20:15 :]
+[20:14:52] <ago> :D
+[20:14:58] <jmorgan1> im going to add myself to herd
+[20:15:05] <jmorgan1> any objections?
+[20:15:26] <ago> !herd kde
+[20:15:26] <creffett> go for it
+[20:15:26] <willikins> (kde) abcd, ago, alexxy, creffett, dastergon, dilfridge, jmbsvicetto, johu, kensington, mschiff, patrick, reavertm, scarabeus, thev00d00
+[20:15:30] <ago> 2° roll call:
+[20:15:30] <dilfridge> nope not here, go for it
+[20:15:36] -*- ago here
+[20:15:38] -*- dilfridge present
+[20:15:45] <scarabeus> jmorgan1: you can add, but still pretty female would make me more happy :D
+[20:15:46] -*- dastergon here
+[20:15:46] <ago> jmorgan1: you are welcome
+[20:15:50] -*- scarabeus around
+[20:15:51] <creffett> here
+[20:16:04] <-- ABCD (~quassel@gentoo/developer/abcd) hat das Netzwerk verlassen (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
+[20:16:21] --> ABCD (~quassel@gentoo/developer/abcd) hat #gentoo-meetings betreten
+[20:16:38] <ago> ok, we are 5, we can go ahead?
+[20:16:46] <dilfridge> ok we're 6, we go ahead
+[20:17:06] <ago> 1) Project lead (5 minutes)
+[20:17:30] <dilfridge> any volunteers?
+[20:17:32] <ago> Last time the vote was between johu_ and is scarabeus available to do it?
+[20:17:38] <ago> is there someone else?
+[20:17:54] <dilfridge> well
+[20:18:04] <creffett> I could, I guess
+[20:18:42] <scarabeus> creffett: go for it, everyone deserves the hat from time to time :P
+[20:18:46] <dilfridge> if the only alternative is that the current situation continues, I could do it, but I'm not infinitely happy about it
+[20:19:05] <dilfridge> creffett: excellent!
+[20:19:18] <ago> ok, creffett for the lead is fine for me: +1
+[20:19:33] -*- dastergon votes creffett :)
+[20:19:37] <dilfridge> creffett++
+[20:20:07] <ago> jmorgan1: feel free to approve disapprove also if you are fresh here
+[20:20:38] <jmorgan1> i concure
+[20:20:40] <scarabeus> creffett: take my sentene as ++ for you :-)
+[20:20:51] <creffett> okay then.
+[20:20:53] <ago> jmbsvicetto: still here for the vote?
+[20:21:14] <dilfridge> that's a comfortable majority already
+[20:21:31] <dastergon> congrats creffett !
+[20:21:36] -*- creffett bows
+[20:21:40] <ago> autokick in -kde done :P
+[20:21:42] <dilfridge> cheers
+[20:22:09] <ago> next point
+[20:22:14] <ago> 2) KDE 4.10.1 stabilization (10 minutes)
+[20:22:46] <dilfridge> I'm all for it, it works nicely
+[20:22:49] <ago> this is a rapid bug search
+[20:23:05] <ago> dilfridge: vincent/peratu reports that does not work for him on ppc
+[20:23:20] <jmorgan1> i filed one bug on ppc64
+[20:23:22] <ago> and jmorgan1 reports a failure of rocs
+[20:23:24] <dilfridge> we should add the kwin (window unref) patch, it is in stable branch
+[20:23:26] <jmorgan1> ;)
+[20:23:52] <ago> ok, the ppc situation is a big regression
+[20:23:59] <dilfridge> the rocs problem, we cannot do much about it, it's a gcc ICE
+[20:24:16] <dilfridge> you should show it to vapier
+[20:24:18] <ago>
+[20:24:25] <jmorgan1> 4.9.5 works on ppc/ppc64
+[20:25:00] <dilfridge> jmorgan1: could you try gcc-4.7 ?
+[20:25:25] <jmorgan1> sure, for rocs failure?
+[20:25:28] <dilfridge> yes
+[20:25:29] <ago> jmorgan1: I usually saw this kind of error on machine with broken's the status of your?
+[20:25:31] <jmorgan1> ok
+[20:25:52] <ago> I will check too on my chroot
+[20:26:09] <jmorgan1> yes, i'll look into both hw and gcc-4.7
+[20:26:16] <ago> any progress for arm? is the time to do it?
+[20:26:55] <ago> jmorgan1: is this bug reproducible on ppc64? you are able to use the session?
+[20:27:46] <dilfridge> eww
+[20:27:50] <dilfridge> I know that backtrace
+[20:28:17] <jmorgan1> ago: i'll take a look this evening
+[20:28:19] <dilfridge> dMaggot: ^ please have a look, does that look familiar to you too?
+[20:28:26] <dMaggot> dilfridge: checking...
+[20:28:38] <ago> dMaggot: you are upstream?
+[20:29:44] <dMaggot> ago: I fixed that crash in other archs
+[20:30:07] <dilfridge> the question is, why is it still around on ppc?
+[20:30:19] <dilfridge> or is it a similar but different problem?
+[20:30:26] <ago> ok, I merged 4.10.1 on 2 machines...looks ok for vote is yes for amd64/x86 and not now for ppc/ppc64/arm
+[20:30:40] <creffett> +1
+[20:30:52] <dastergon> +1
+[20:30:57] -*- ABCD is alive (and forgets when meetings are because they always are when he's normally supposed to be at work)
+[20:31:04] <dilfridge> sounds good (after adding kwin patch), +1
+[20:31:07] <jmorgan1> +1
+[20:31:31] <ABCD> +1
+[20:32:02] <dilfridge> awesome.
+[20:32:03] <ago> scarabeus: ?
+[20:33:05] <dilfridge> next
+[20:33:18] <ago> wait
+[20:33:26] <ago> who will open and generate the list? =)
+[20:33:31] <ago> creffett: could you?
+[20:34:00] <creffett> ago: sure, I'll handle it tonight
+[20:34:17] <dilfridge> creffett: please also grab the kwin patch from git KDE/4.10 branch
+[20:34:20] <scarabeus> ah +1 from me
+[20:34:28] <scarabeus> i am still half page to the log :D
+[20:34:33] <ago> creffett: ok, please send me and I check it with repoman before open the bug
+[20:34:43] <creffett> will do
+[20:34:50] <ago> 3) Remove -Wl,--fatal-warnings ??? (5 minutes)
+[20:35:16] <dilfridge> that's mine
+[20:35:20] <ago> It gave problems?
+[20:35:30] <dilfridge> basically we get build failures every now and then
+[20:35:40] <dilfridge> not frequently, most are on arm
+[20:35:40] <creffett> there have been a couple bugs lately that come from that being enabled
+[20:35:56] <dilfridge> it will NOT be removed upstream
+[20:36:19] -*- dilfridge had a discussion with a couple of kde bigshots about it
+[20:36:49] <ago> dilfridge: how sounds enable it with a var?
+[20:36:49] <dilfridge> usually, the linker warning should be fixed in the package, not ignored
+[20:36:59] <ago> so who has problem is able to drop it
+[20:37:35] <dilfridge> not easy, because it is fixed in cmake files installed by kdelibs
+[20:38:45] <scarabeus> technically developer profile should enable it
+[20:38:52] <scarabeus> we should not enable it on desktop profile
+[20:38:54] <dilfridge> we could add some magic to the eclass that patches package cmake files and disables it on request, but that may be more pain than before
+[20:38:55] <ago> ok, I have not particular vote for it, if it is needed, do it
+[20:39:14] <dilfridge> scarabeus' idea sounds ok, the question is how to best do it
+[20:39:41] <dilfridge> easiest way would be to conditionally patch kdelibs with a useflag
+[20:39:50] <dilfridge> that applies to all kde packages then
+[20:42:01] -*- creffett is a bit nervous about conditional patching like that
+[20:42:04] <dilfridge> however that is not really elegant and does not do it "the Gentoo way"
+[20:42:24] <scarabeus> dilfridge: nope, just remove it from the cmake files
+[20:42:30] <scarabeus> and then append it in profile ldflags
+[20:42:38] <scarabeus> but discussion on -dev prior enabling it treewide
+[20:42:44] <scarabeus> all the linking issues are actual errors
+[20:42:49] <scarabeus> so fixing them is benefitical a lot
+[20:42:56] <dilfridge> makes sense
+[20:42:58] <dilfridge> +1
+[20:43:21] <ago> I vote with the majority
+[20:43:29] -*- dilfridge thinks we need diego back before we can ever enable it treewide
+[20:44:26] <ago> dilfridge: the tbox script are public :)
+[20:44:40] <dilfridge> ok, suggestion by scarabeus: remove -Wl,--fatal-warnings from cmake files and start a discussion to enable it in the dev profile treewide
+[20:44:43] <dilfridge> opinions?
+[20:44:47] <dilfridge> +1 from me
+[20:45:07] <ago> +1 with the majority (as I said)
+[20:45:13] <scarabeus> you can run tbox stuff yourself, just commit it to qa-reports git repo with proper script calls, the box is done it executes by-cron everything required
+[20:45:19] <jmorgan1> +1 sounds fine with me, disscussion is good
+[20:45:30] <jmorgan1> what is tbox?
+[20:45:49] <ago> tinderbox
+[20:45:59] <dilfridge> automated build test system
+[20:46:12] <dastergon> +1 from me
+[20:46:38] <dastergon> tinderbox the fear of the gentoo dev :P
+[20:46:47] <ago> creffett: ^
+[20:46:58] <jmorgan1> cool, i'll look into it
+[20:47:07] <creffett> ago: no opinion
+[20:47:09] <creffett> 0
+[20:47:57] <dilfridge> that's three yes and two "0", I guess that is a yes
+[20:48:06] <ago> ok, scarabeus's suggestion is approved
+[20:48:29] <ago> scarabeus: mind start the discussion on -dev?
+[20:49:37] <ago> there is just an update for the ppc crash:
+[20:49:44] <jmorgan1> does anyone use the dev profile?
+[20:50:13] -*- dilfridge looks somewhere else
+[20:50:16] <ago> creffett: I will ask vincenti if works for him, if yes I can ask qt@ if we can stabilize that version and open the bug
+[20:50:40] <creffett> ago: okay
+[20:50:41] <ago> jmorgan1: I use default
+[20:50:53] <dilfridge> jmorgan1: not many, but still you can also add that to the default LDFLAGS in your make.conf
+[20:51:00] <ago> 4) [semantic-desktop=] (5 minutes)
+[20:51:08] <-- dMaggot (~user@ hat das Netzwerk verlassen (Remote host closed the connection)
+[20:51:10] <jmorgan1> i'll test qtcore upgrade as well, i have both ppc, ppc64
+[20:51:47] <scarabeus> ago: no subscription to -dev
+[20:51:51] <scarabeus> ago: so i can't start the chat
+[20:51:55] --> dMaggot (~user@ hat #gentoo-meetings betreten
+[20:52:13] <dilfridge> ago: scarabeus: I'll do it
+[20:52:34] <ago> scarabeus: subscriptions are open :P
+[20:52:47] <dilfridge> 4) [semantic-desktop=] (5 minutes)
+[20:53:03] <scarabeus> so the = on semantic desktop was because it was needed due to broken deps
+[20:53:10] <scarabeus> nowdays it is pointless as everything was fixed
+[20:53:14] <scarabeus> so you can switch to ?
+[20:53:20] <dilfridge> ok excellent
+[20:53:25] <dilfridge> anyone objecting?
+[20:54:03] <creffett> go for it
+[20:54:11] <dilfridge> maybe we do that with 4.10.2, so nothing big changes before the stabilization
+[20:54:11] <jmorgan1> sounds good
+[20:55:04] <ago> good
+[20:55:14] <ago> dilfridge: +1 you right
+[20:57:01] <jmorgan1> have to change rooms, brb
+[20:57:10] <ago> ok cu
+[20:57:12] <creffett> next on the agenda?
+[20:57:27] <dilfridge> 5) Remove obsolete news entries
+[20:58:12] <ago> fine for me. I'd say to leave at least the last 2011-05-22-kdeprefix
+[20:58:44] <creffett> if people haven't upgraded from kdeprefix by now...
+[20:58:47] <dilfridge> we should remove it, because getting kdeprefix news on a *NEW INSTALLATION* is stoopid
+[20:59:10] <ago> right to
+[20:59:14] <ago> o*
+[21:00:32] <dilfridge> besides kdeprefix use flag was masked since 2009
+[21:00:54] <dilfridge> +1 for removing the listed items
+[21:01:14] <ago> +1
+[21:01:26] <creffett> +1
+[21:02:47] <scarabeus> +1
+[21:03:01] <dilfridge> Like
+[21:03:56] <ago> dastergon: ^
+[21:05:17] <dastergon> +1 from me, cleaning old stuff sound fine
+[21:05:28] <dastergon> s/sound/sounds
+[21:05:44] <ago> ok, next point
+[21:05:54] <ago> Bugs (10 minutes)
+[21:06:08] <ago> x11-themes/oxygen-gtk opinion?
+[21:06:31] <dilfridge> do it the same way as gtk+, i.e. two slots
+[21:10:02] <ago> sorry I don't understand it at all
+[21:10:21] <ago> we already have 2 slots in tree, what we should import from the overlay?
+[21:10:28] <ago> Rename x11-themes/oxygen-gtk to x11-themes/oxygen-gtk2. Import x11-themes/oxygen-gtk3 from the overlay or we keep x11-themes/oxygen-gtk with 2 slot and rename x11-themes/oxygen-gtk3 to x11-themes/oxygen-gtk.
+[21:11:29] <dilfridge> indeed you are correct
+[21:11:59] <dilfridge> probably the only thing that should be done here is delete the live ebuild in the overlay
+[21:12:11] <dastergon> that bug it was also a topic in January's meeting
+[21:12:24] <ago> ok, probably we forgot to delete it
+[21:12:28] -*- creffett has to move buildings, back in 10 or so
+[21:12:55] <dilfridge> hmm when I move buildings that usually takes longer, need to find a forklift first...
+[21:16:18] <ago> ok, probably all of us is busy? I don't see an active partecipation, maybe we want discuss about bugs in the next meetings ?
+[21:16:23] <dilfridge> err
+[21:16:40] <dilfridge> ago: just keep pushing :)
+[21:16:44] <-- creffett (~creffett@gentoo/developer/creffett) hat das Netzwerk verlassen (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
+[21:18:12] <dilfridge> kde-base/kde-meta ebuild improvement proposal (bug #456248, bug #460634)
+[21:18:13] <willikins> dilfridge: "kde-base/kde-meta ebuild improvement proposal."; Gentoo Linux, KDE; RESO, WONT; voron1:kde
+[21:18:16] <dilfridge> opinions?
+[21:19:04] <ago> the attachment is not a diff :P
+[21:19:06] <ago> wth
+[21:19:31] <dilfridge> the question has been asked and silence has fallen
+[21:20:08] <dastergon> I agree with the quote "if you don't want all kde packages, you shouldn't use kde-meta".
+[21:20:32] <ago> ok, real diff for all:
+[21:20:37] <dilfridge> imho we could add (few, 1-2) useflags, as eg. "games"
+[21:21:00] <dilfridge> nah, too much
+[21:21:21] <dilfridge> ago: it makes sense if the useflag switches stuff off across several metas
+[21:21:24] <ago> I agree with jmbsvicetto, so leave as is for me
+[21:21:40] --> iamnr3 (~quassel@ hat #gentoo-meetings betreten
+[21:21:40] <dilfridge> e.g. disables all games in all packages (not just kdegames)
+[21:21:50] <dilfridge> but just disabling one sub-meta makes not much sense
+[21:21:55] <dastergon> yeah
+[21:22:04] <dilfridge> so, maybe just leave it as it is now
+[21:22:10] <dastergon> +1
+[21:22:34] <dastergon> we can improve documentation to explain that
+[21:22:54] <dastergon> or not :D
+[21:23:17] <ago> scarabeus: ^ ?
+[21:23:28] --> creffett (~creffett@gentoo/developer/creffett) hat #gentoo-meetings betreten
+[21:24:07] -*- creffett back if meeting is still going on
+[21:24:29] <dastergon> we couldn't end the meeting without the lead :p
+[21:24:33] <dilfridge> creffett: it is... just talking about useflags in metas
+[21:24:34] <scarabeus> i dont like uses on this
+[21:24:37] <creffett> oh, this one
+[21:24:45] <scarabeus> but i let you guys pick whatever rocks on your day
+[21:24:53] <scarabeus> we should prolly just propagate custom sets
+[21:24:56] <creffett> what was our original rationale for "no uses in meta packages"?
+[21:25:01] <dilfridge> no sets please
+[21:26:53] <jmorgan1> back
+[21:27:20] <dilfridge> ok I think the best conclusion is "no additional useflags now"
+[21:27:43] <ago> yes
+[21:27:55] <jmorgan1> 5) +1 - remove old items
+[21:28:10] -*- dastergon agrees with dilfridge
+[21:29:02] <creffett> +1 no useflags, I guess
+[21:30:33] <dilfridge> yo
+[21:30:34] <dilfridge> next
+[21:30:44] <dilfridge> Add 'app-arch/unzip natspec' to profiles/targets/desktop/kde/package.use (bug #457934)
+[21:30:45] <willikins> dilfridge: "Add 'app-arch/unzip natspec' to profiles/targets/desktop/kde/package.use"; Gentoo Linux, Eclasses and Profiles; UNCO; wyatt.epp:kde
+[21:31:07] <dilfridge> makes sense imho
+[21:31:15] <creffett> go for it
+[21:31:22] <dilfridge> kensington is adding useflags there anyway
+[21:32:02] <dilfridge> any further opinions?
+[21:32:08] <dilfridge> 1,
+[21:32:11] <dilfridge> 2,
+[21:32:14] <dilfridge> 3,
+[21:32:17] <ago> yes
+[21:32:18] <dilfridge> seems not.
+[21:32:20] <jmorgan1> yes
+[21:32:41] <dilfridge> ok
+[21:32:45] <dilfridge> remaining bugs
+[21:32:47] <ago> dilfridge: is natspec enabled only for the kde profile?
+[21:33:09] <dilfridge> it would be only for the kde profile, yes, anything else needs discussion with more people
+[21:33:40] <ago> I guess it should be enabled when people use kde also with other profiles, what do you think ?
+[21:33:40] <dilfridge> 5 more bugs to go, then we're finished
+[21:34:04] <dilfridge> ago: well, if we depend anywhere on unzip, we could just depend on that useflag too
+[21:34:41] <dilfridge> but we don't
+[21:34:45] <dilfridge> not in kde-base
+[21:34:55] <jmorgan1> i think we should support kde profile not just kde use flag
+[21:35:26] <dilfridge> ok
+[21:35:27] <dilfridge> next bug
+[21:35:41] <dilfridge> Bug 435584 - kde-base/kdelibs - patch to fix directory icon breakage for NFS mounts since KDE 4.7.4
+[21:35:42] <willikins> dilfridge: "kde-base/kdelibs - patch to fix directory icon breakage for NFS mounts since KDE 4.7.4"; Gentoo Linux, KDE; UNCO; nitro:kde
+[21:36:03] <dilfridge> basically nfs and samba are treated as slow filesystems, and icon loading is turned off.
+[21:36:12] <dilfridge> use reqests to revert that commit
+[21:36:35] <dilfridge> no real opinion here
+[21:37:21] <ago> dilfridge: as said, maybe we can discuss this with more people partecipation
+[21:37:24] <ago> :)
+[21:37:26] <dilfridge> ok
+[21:37:36] <creffett> in the grand scheme of thigns, I don't think this one matters enough to merit a patch
+[21:37:39] <ago> I have a proposal as open floor
+[21:37:52] <creffett> so...I'd say resolve wontfix and point out that we already do support epatch_user
+[21:37:59] <dilfridge> ago: slacker marks for kde meetings?
+[21:39:02] <ago> dilfridge: ahaha no. the herds contain 14 people, but in the meeting there are always few. So probably we can make a file where someone can say the time preference and in case we can review the meeting time ?
+[21:39:10] <ago> e.g. kensington is unable to partecipate
+[21:42:06] <dilfridge> ok shall we close the meeting and continue next month?
+[21:42:13] <jmorgan1> one more item
+[21:42:18] <dastergon> open floor ??
+[21:42:28] <jmorgan1> im looking to stable kde-4.9.5 on ppc64
+[21:42:34] <dilfridge> ok
+[21:42:48] <jmorgan1> i think ppc is already stable
+[21:43:14] <jmorgan1> bugs can be assigned to me if needed
+[21:43:58] <jmorgan1> objections?
+[21:44:20] <ago> jmorgan1: do it to me :) I will handle as kde-stable
+[21:44:33] <ago> then since it will be stable, you are welcome as ppc64 member
+[21:44:40] <jmorgan1> ago: ok, cool
+[21:44:45] <jmorgan1> oh, to kde-stable?
+[21:45:06] <jmorgan1> you can add as x86_64 too then
+[21:45:19] <ago> jmorgan1: but, since we will stabilize 4.10.1 in few time and remove 4.9.5, make sense stabilize 495 now?
+[21:45:42] <jmorgan1> well, let me test qtcore upgrade to fix rocs issue
+[21:45:51] <jmorgan1> if that works, then no stable 4.9.5
+[21:45:54] <jmorgan1> just 4.10.1
+[21:46:14] <jmorgan1> i'll check in the next 24h or so
+[21:46:20] <ago> jmorgan1: ok....
+[21:46:21] <jmorgan1> have an answer
+[21:46:42] <jmorgan1> thx
+[21:46:55] <jmorgan1> dones
+[21:48:30] <dilfridge> anything else for open floor?
+[21:48:36] <dastergon> yeap
+[21:48:36] <creffett> nothing here
+[21:48:48] <dilfridge> dastergon: go ahead
+[21:48:58] <dMaggot> last weekend I put up somre repos for qt-gstreamer
+[21:49:06] <dMaggot> that split the qt-glib thing from qt-gstreamer
+[21:49:14] <dMaggot> kensington is following on the bug reports upstream
+[21:49:20] <dMaggot> no news from upstream yet
+[21:49:30] <dastergon> for those who didn't know I joined bugday team and I am trying to revive that day
+[21:49:59] <dastergon> I'd like to enable the bugday flag in any bugs that you think
+[21:50:23] <dastergon> it would be good
+[21:50:29] <dastergon> to close them that day
+[21:51:55] <dastergon> what do you think about some herd's bugs ?
+[21:52:44] -*- dilfridge thinks it's too late to think
+[21:52:56] -*- creffett thinks the same, and it's only 5PM here :)
+[21:53:30] <jmorgan1> i think its a good idea assuming the bugday team has reasources to resolve/track them
+[21:55:36] <jmorgan1> i have to drop off - next meeting
+[21:57:25] <dilfridge> anything else for open floor?
+[21:58:35] <dastergon> nope
+[21:59:12] <creffett> I'm good
+[21:59:12] <dilfridge> ago: wanna close the meeting?
+[22:01:21] <dilfridge> ok
+[22:01:28] -*- dilfridge bangs on the table
+[22:01:30] <dilfridge> meeting closed \ No newline at end of file