Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Subdownloader ebuild fixed by floppymElijah El Lazkani2013-07-291-3/+4
* Keyworded SubdownloaderElijah El Lazkani2013-07-291-1/+1
* Subdownloader ported to python-1 librariesElijah El Lazkani2013-07-291-0/+35
* Minor changes to conform with the tree.Elijah El Lazkani2013-05-301-2/+1
* Removed subdownloader 2.0.14 from tree...Elijah El Lazkani2013-02-162-33/+0
* Subdownloader version bump to 2.0.18...Elijah El Lazkani2013-02-122-0/+45
* Patching shebangs to work when python3.2 is selected as default python versio...Elijah El Lazkani2013-02-121-1/+12
* Subdownloader version bump to 2.0.16-2Elijah El Lazkani2012-10-182-1/+35
* Fixed gcm patch and cleaned old packages...Elijah El Lazkani2012-06-281-32/+0
* IMPORTANT: Bumped python packages, changed installation directory for python ...Elijah El Lazkani2012-06-281-0/+32
* Added metadata.xml for the existing ebuilds so that repoman doesn't giveElijah El Lazkani2012-06-101-0/+9
* Minor fixes to SRC_URI. Removed die calls for helper functions.Elijah El Lazkani2012-06-071-3/+3
* Fixing description, thanks to Mr Chainsaw for the remark.Elijah El Lazkani2012-06-071-2/+1
* Fixed dependencies for subdownload ebuild...Elijah El Lazkani2012-06-071-1/+1
* Deleted unnecessary die calls...Elijah El Lazkani2012-06-071-3/+3
* Added an ebuild draft for subdownloader-2.0.14Elijah El Lazkani2012-06-072-0/+34