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* Version update to 3.3.2HEADmasterClaudio Furrer2012-10-173-1/+263
* Added first ebuild for v3.3.x series.Claudio Furrer2012-10-053-1/+263
* Updated sip-router series v3.1.x and v3.2.xClaudio Furrer2012-10-045-269/+28
* Updated sip-router to v3.2.3Claudio Furrer2012-04-263-1/+259
* Updated sip-router to v3.2.2Claudio Furrer2012-02-155-10/+270
* Added sip-router v3.2.1.Claudio Furrer2012-01-253-1/+259
* Added fonuator redfone configuration utility.Claudio Furrer2011-11-245-0/+100
* Cleanup of old ebuilds and version bump (sip-router v.3.1.5)Claudio Furrer2011-09-214-255/+12
* Moved sip-router to net-misc category.Claudio Furrer2011-09-218-0/+850