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* pychecker with thomas's patchesHEADmasterZaheer Abbas Merali2006-09-2810-0/+406
* 915resolution and vbetool, needed for macbookZaheer Abbas Merali2006-07-266-0/+96
* v4l2 cvs pluginZaheer Abbas Merali2006-07-213-0/+40
* Istanbul is now in portage.Zaheer Abbas Merali2006-07-172-33/+0
* actually add the ebuildZaheer Abbas Merali2006-07-141-0/+30
* Istanbul 0.2.0Zaheer Abbas Merali2006-07-141-0/+3
* fix build, make it install in /usr :)Zaheer Abbas Merali2006-07-132-4/+5
* Update istanbul deps.Zaheer Abbas Merali2006-07-132-5/+5
* Added cairo-clockZaheer Abbas Merali2006-07-133-0/+41
* Added istanbul cvs ebuildsZaheer Abbas Merali2006-07-127-0/+91
* added gst-plugins-pulseZaheer Abbas Merali2006-07-113-0/+57