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gnome-base/gnome-shell: revbump for Polkit patchHEADmaster
As Matt points out, we might end up installing gnome-shell w/ an older polkit, then upgrading polkit, and then nobody provides the autoref bits. Given it can go both ways, depend on a newer Polkit which always has the autoref bits, and add the patch to said new version. (Also, revbump -r1 -> r2 with no patch, for consistency, as people will have likely merged the -r1 w/ the polkit build fix, but in theory could (but unlikely!) downgrade polkit at some point, and it's just a lot easier to handle bugs this way if we know everything is in a sane state.) Bit annoyed I didn't think it through fully as I went back and forth a few times and decided on not, wrongly. Bug: Signed-off-by: Sam James <>
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