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Welcome Qt 6! With this, the 'minimal' USE-flag is changed to 'window-manager', and instead of Openbox, it will pull in KWin. Openbox has not been in active development for a decade or two, and no fixes seem to be getting in either. LXQt upstream also does not recommend using it due to the same reason(s). Additionally, LXQt upstream is probably not going to port 'obconf-qt' to Qt 6, and as such, it has been removed from this meta ebuild as well. KWin works well with LXQt, and it's behind a USE-flag so anyone can still continue using Openbox or anything else they like (or not install this meta package in the first place). Other lighter-on-the-dependencies window managers do exist, but they tend to come with their own panels and such, making things awkward. Not pulling any window manager by default may leave users confused, however, so pulling in /something/ seems like a good thing to do. Also, the Oxygen icon set has been changed to Breeze, per upstream defaults. Further, some USE-flags have gone enabled by default. Signed-off-by: Jimi Huotari <>
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