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+[20:00:12] <dilfridge> meeting time
+[20:00:33] <dilfridge> blueness: jlec: K_F: rich0: ulm: WilliamH: roll call!
+[20:00:35] -*- ulm here
+[20:00:36] -*- K_F here
+[20:01:30] <dilfridge> uh, not so good quota so far
+[20:01:35] -*- blueness here
+[20:01:54] <dilfridge> great, we've surpassed 50% :)
+[20:02:31] <K_F> at least no new election
+[20:02:42] -*- jlec here
+[20:02:44] <dilfridge> did anyone leave a message about being unable to attend?
+[20:02:51] <K_F> not seen anything
+[20:03:06] <jlec> had some IT problems
+[20:03:32] <jlec> my Gentoo box ate my /home SSD and my mac refused to boot from the only drive it has
+[20:03:38] <jlec> not my day
+[20:03:39] <dilfridge> ok only rich0 and WilliamH missing
+[20:03:41] <dilfridge> oops
+[20:03:58] <K_F> jlec: ouch
+[20:04:00] <blueness> we have nothing on the agenda
+[20:04:02] <jlec> and hwile fixing my gentoo box, I hit the "reset CMOS" at the back of the box
+[20:04:15] --> TomJBE (~tb@gentoo/developer/tomjbe) hat #gentoo-council betreten
+[20:04:47] <dilfridge> ok I'm looking up the phone numbers to text these two, if anyone else is faster...
+[20:05:00] <dilfridge> uh, doesnt work, my e-mail is out of commission today
+[20:05:09] <dilfridge> so can't do that myself
+[20:05:15] <ulm> I can text WilliamH
+[20:05:15] <K_F> on it
+[20:05:18] <K_F> or not
+[20:05:57] -*- dilfridge is migrating from kmail1 (4.4...) to kmail2 (16.12.0), hope never dies
+[20:06:08] <ulm> K_F: shall I text rich0 too?
+[20:06:38] <K_F> yes please
+[20:06:44] <dilfridge> anyway after you've sent the text(s?), I suggest we just start
+[20:06:46] <K_F> didn't have the number stored here
+[20:06:49] <ulm> done both
+[20:06:51] <dilfridge> to get over with it
+[20:06:54] <dilfridge> ok.
+[20:07:05] <dilfridge> so, agenda topic 1, open bugs with council involvment
+[20:07:24] <dilfridge>
+[20:07:29] <dilfridge> changelog order
+[20:07:54] <dilfridge> so the changelogs are not in rsync anymore, but (?) in a separate module
+[20:08:00] <dilfridge> do we still care about that?
+[20:08:03] <blueness> look like robbat2 resolved it
+[20:08:03] <K_F> fixed
+[20:08:07] <ulm> has the order been flipped?
+[20:08:20] <jlec> that's the question
+[20:08:23] <dilfridge> I never looked
+[20:08:37] <blueness> i only use direct git here, so i can’t say :(
+[20:08:38] <dilfridge> I dont even know *where* to look
+[20:08:47] <blueness> on the rsync mirrors
+[20:09:01] <ulm> is there even a web interface to that rsync module?
+[20:09:08] <K_F> ulm: jlec since we opened up for jsut removing it, do we necessarily care?
+[20:09:31] <K_F> all we said was if keeping it where it is it should be flipped, different rsync -> outside our scope, imho
+[20:09:46] <ulm> it's not entirely outside
+[20:10:12] <ulm> since the Manifests in normal rsync still reference the ChangeLogs
+[20:10:23] <jlec> let's find out what the order is. I would say, if provided, flipped order
+[20:10:54] <ulm> robbat2 said in comment 15 of that bug that the intention was to flip the order
+[20:11:21] <ulm> I'd say let's get confirmation, then close the bug
+[20:11:39] <dilfridge> ok, sounds like you just volunteered for the confirmation
+[20:11:49] <ulm> *sigh*
+[20:11:53] <dilfridge> :)
+[20:11:53] <ulm> yeah, can do
+[20:12:16] <blueness> i’m looking now
+[20:12:20] <dilfridge> the other two bugs are the usual suspects
+[20:12:32] <dilfridge> one is my fault (yes doing it)
+[20:12:38] <K_F> just get it done already? :p
+[20:12:49] <K_F> spending more tiem deferring them in meetings than just writing it
+[20:12:56] <jlec> I need to write two. Will try to get it done next week
+[20:12:57] <dilfridge> the oter one is 2016-09-11
+[20:13:13] <jlec> I will do it
+[20:13:14] <jlec> promised
+[20:13:18] <dilfridge> which concludes this agenda item
+[20:13:24] <dilfridge> next, 3) open floor
+[20:13:29] <blueness> oh wait, there’s no changelog on the rsync mirrors, so i don’t know either where to look!
+[20:14:06] <K_F> blueness: -
+[20:14:16] <dilfridge> so, open floor. does anyone have anything to talk about?
+[20:14:17] <blueness> K_F: ah
+[20:14:30] <blueness> nothing from me
+[20:14:52] <K_F> not from me
+[20:15:22] <dilfridge> waiting one minute
+[20:15:29] <jlec> Changelog is oldest first
+[20:16:24] <dilfridge> which is how we *not* wanted to have it, right?
+[20:16:44] <ulm> jlec: it is indeed
+[20:16:56] <ulm> rsync://
+[20:17:29] <dilfridge> ok so maybe we should leave a comment / polite reminder on the bug then and stay in cc
+[20:17:35] <blueness> yep, confirmed
+[20:17:43] <K_F> dilfridge: wfm
+[20:17:53] <dilfridge> anyway
+[20:18:05] <dilfridge> it seems like there are no topics for the open floor
+[20:18:18] <dilfridge> so I'm going to close the meeting in 4,
+[20:18:21] <dilfridge> 3,
+[20:18:25] <dilfridge> 2,
+[20:18:28] <dilfridge> 1,
+[20:18:34] <dilfridge> bang. Meeting closed.
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