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+\agendaitem{Allow using EAPI 5 in the tree}
+\vote{Portage supports EAPI 5 since version
+Therefore EAPI 5 is allowed for ebuilds in the tree. The Council likes to note
+that EAPI 5 is not allowed to be used for stable ebuilds yet, for as
+long as a Portage supporting it is not marked stable.}{unanimous yes}
+\agendaitem{Package name specification}
+ \item
+ \agoref{gentoo-project}{e96d276a4524778bc80871bba48c06c6}
+ \item
+ \url{}, attachment on
+ \bug{174536}
+ \item
+ Drop the limitation entirely (possibly in a future EAPI).
+ \item
+ Make it stricter, i.e. disallow package names ending in a hyphen
+ followed by anything that looks like a valid PVR. This is current
+ Portage behaviour, and the tree complies with it, too.
+ \item
+ Leave the spec as it is (and make Portage comply with it).
+ \item
+ Require a) for Package managers and b) by tree policy.
+ Practically, this would mean that repoman would reject "foo-1" as
+ package name, but the rest of Portage would accept it.
+}{By majority, option b) was chosen. This means the specification (PMS)
+has to be adapted to make it stricter on package names, see above linked bug
+\agendaitem{Open bugs with council involvement}
+grobian and scarabeus will try to sort this thing out with jmbsvicetto at
+LinuxDays Prague, which will take place 20th and 21st of October 2012.
+\agendaitem{Open Floor}
+\index{package!sys-fs/udev}\index{in_iuse}\index{EAPI!6}\index{git migration}
+\index{unified dependencies}
+chainsaw and williamh informed us about developments on udev at the
+linux kernel mailing lists, see \url{}, and
+possible actions that follow up from there.
+_AxS_ requested quasi-consensus on in_iuse functionality; an EAPI 6
+feature was suggested.
+_AxS_ asked the Council if they knew anything about a git rollout by
+infra, however, since this is infra domain, the Council doesn't know or
+control this.
+ferringb wanted to have the Council take a look at the current unified
+dependencies discussion. It was pushed for the next agenda, to have
+some preparation necessary to discuss the topic in a clear and directed